Asus Lamborghini VX2 taken for a spin

Asus dropped by recently to let us fondle its Lamborghini VX2 -- the superior successor to the acclaimed VX1

Asus has been busy beavering away on a new version of its Lamborghini laptop. The Lamborghini VX2 replaces the outgoing VX1, ever-so-slightly shaming it in the process.

We had the pleasure of fondling one recently and we're pretty stoked by it. We've always thought we might look a bit sad if we used a Lambo laptop in public, but we've no such reservations about the VX2 -- it oozes class.

As before, there's a yellow version made from aluminium magnesium-alloy, and a black version with carbon-fibre detailing. Both have sublime little touches like a wheel rim-esque exhaust fan and, our favourite, a leather palm-rest with yellow stitching -- Asus obviously has a thing for dead cows.

The 4:3 display on the VX1 has been dumped in favour of a swanky new widescreen 15.4-inch model tied to a GeForce Go 7700 with 512MB of dedicated memory -- far nicer than the old Go 7400.

There's not much change in the CPU -- you get a 2.16GHz chip instead of the old 2GHz model, plus 2GB of RAM. Asus also looks set to incorporate Wireless-N technology, which promises to be faster and have more range than current 802.11b/g Wi-Fi.

Expect the Lamborghini VX2 to cost around £2,000 when it goes on sale over the next couple of months. Check back for a full review soon. -RR

Update: We now have a full review of the Asus Lamborghini VX2 live in our Reviews channel.

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