Aston Martin Cygnet: Automotive netbook

Aston Martin looks set to translate the netbook philosophy to the world of cars with the Cygnet -- a dinkier, less expensive take on the luxury supercar

Just over a year ago, Asus birthed the netbook -- a cheaper, smaller, alternative to the traditional laptop -- that would later explode in popularity. Today, Aston Martin looks set to apply the 'smaller sells more' philosophy to the world of cars with the Cygnet -- a dinkier, less expensive take on the luxury supercar.

The Cygnet will be created in conjunction with Toyota and is based on the Japanese company's iQ city car. That's no bad thing, though the enormous air intake on the front of the concept (pictured) -- taken straight from a DBS or DB9, by the looks of things -- plus the new lights and bonnet vents give it a more sinister look than its Toyota brethren.

According to Aston Martin, the Cygnet will be a "creative, environmentally conscious solution" that's highly fuel-efficient. In other words, it's the sort of thing you'll drive when visiting tree-hugging relatives, when parking is restricted, or when you realise your One-77 is single-handedly keeping Texaco in business.

The Cygnet is, obviously, still in the concept stage, but should Aston Martin deem it worthy of release, it's likely to hit the streets sometime in 2010 and will be offered to new and existing Aston Martin customers for approximately £20,000. Okay, so it's not quite netbook-level pricing, but it's pennies if you already own a fully-grown Bond-mobile.

Stay close by -- we'll give you more info as we get it.

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