Asda to print out Facebook snaps: Trolleyed pictures, in your trolley

You'll soon be able to print out your Facebook snaps with your shopping at Asda

You'll soon be able to print out your Facebook snaps with your shopping. Asda has signed a deal to print photos from the social network at kiosks in stores.

Log in to your Facebook account and you'll be able to print pictures, or create customised collages and photo-flavoured gifts such as calendars.

The next time we pop to Asda for our weekly shop of 30 ready meals, some George Y-fronts and a litre of Yazoo, we'll definitely pause to knock up a calendar entitled 'Twelve Pictures of Crave Falling Over'.

Tesco is the most switched-on supermarket, with its own store finder, Clubcard and wine-focused mobile applications. The Tesco Grocery app is available at the iPhone App Store, Nokia Ovi Store, and BlackBerry App World.

Meanwhile, if you're too posh to even set foot in Waitrose, there's an Ocado on the Go app for iPhone and Android.

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