Apple's new LED Cinema Display packs Thunderbolt, shown off in leaked pics

Leaked images of Apple's new LED Cinema Display monitor have emerged, showing off a familiar design and a Thunderbolt port, enabling you to chain multiple devices together.

Promotional images for Apple's new LED Cinema Display monitor have prematurely appeared on the company's website. MacRumours managed to nab a few screenshots before the pictures were taken down.

One image shows two Cinema Displays hooked up to a MacBook Pro , which means the latest version of the 27-inch LED display will pack Thunderbolt, the high-speed port that Apple's sticking on its new gadgetry.

Thunderbolt has already made an appearance on the latest iMac and MacBook Pro models, allowing data-transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps. But that won't be the primary function for the Cinema Display's spanking new port -- Thunderbolt functions as a DisplayPort too, so it can output your Mac's video display.

The photos of the new Cinema Display are also noteworthy because they show the Mac OS X Lion default wallpaper -- an orange-tinted galaxy type... thing.

We're expecting Lion to break cover before the end of July, and possibly before the end of this week , making its debut on a new set of MacBook Air laptops, which, in turn, are tipped to feature backlit keyboards , Thunderbolt ports and faster components .

Other snaps of the new Cinema Display show the fancy-pants monitor next to a Mac mini and Mac Pro, which suggests refreshed versions of those products could launch soon as well.

The Cinema Display currently costs £918, so prepare to spend all your money on the new version, which we imagine will sport a similar price tag.

Are you amenable to spending the best part of a grand on a monitor? Do you love your Cinema Display more than the smell of freshly mown grass? Let us know in the comments, or spill your guts all over our Facebook wall.

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