Apple's new iPod touch, nano and classic: Hands firmly on

Apple's new iPods -- the touch, the classic and the nano -- have been announced. We were at the launch to get you every one of the details, plus a whole heap of photos

We told you the Earth would stop turning, and it did. Apple, after the typical rumour-grooming hysteria that precedes every one of its press conferences, announced three head-explodingly exciting new iPod products. Two of them are updates to previous iPods, and there's a simple change of colours for the iPod shuffle. But one was outstanding in its revolutionary freshness, and we're going to look at that first. Its name? The iPod touch.

The iPod touch is exactly what the world has been demanding -- it's a true video iPod. Moreover, it's a phoneless iPhone, although as we'll see, more iPhone features than you might first expect made the cut.

The iPod touch comes in 8GB and 16GB versions. It has a massive, high-resolution, 89mm (3.5-inch) touch-sensitive screen. Apple has included the multi-touch aspects of the iPhone's iPod, as well as the Safari Web browser, Cover Flow album navigation, built-in Wi-Fi (b/g varieties) and the accelerometer technology that allows the iPod to detect whether it's being held in landscape or portrait mode.

At just 8mm thick, the new iPod is the slimmest iPod ever created -- it's not even a third of an inch in depth. This sounds amazing, and when we got our hands on a model, it seemed even more amazing still. It's a beautiful device to hold; every seductive charm the iPhone has, the iPod touch has too.

Okay, so you've admitted to yourself that you're ready to part ways with your money (and we don't blame you), but how much are you going to part with? Well, the 8GB version will cost £199, while the 16GB version costs £269.

Now, about that Wi-Fi. The Zune tried to do it, and did it badly. The iPod touch on the other hand, doesn't. You can now browse, preview and purchase music over Wi-Fi from the iTunes Store. Yup, if it's on iTunes, it's on your touch. When you next dock your iPod, the purchased tracks are added to the library on your PC and synced as normal. Brilliant! This feature has also been added to the iPhone. YouTube is even supported over Wi-Fi. All those videos of cats talking and fat kids lip-syncing are now at your fingertips.

This stunning new iPod really needs to be touched, squeezed, caressed, fondled and -- what the hell -- taken to bed, when it's released towards the end of September. It's available to pre-order now from Apple's site.

But that's not all Apple announced. The traditional video iPod has been completely overhauled, and it's not even called a video iPod anymore...

Update: Full reviews of the Apple iPod nano (3rd gen, video), Apple iPod classic and Apple iPod touch and a video of the iPod touch, nano and classic from the launch are now live on the site.

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