Apple working on Wi-Fi syncing for new iPods, but what about iPhone 5?

Apple is reportedly planning to add a Wi-Fi syncing feature to its next-gen iPods, allowing you to squirt music and movies onto the devices wirelessly. A carbon-fibre body could also be on the cards.

Apple's next-generation iPods could allow you to wirelessly slap music and videos onto them. Such wireless syncing is currently one of the most requested features among iPod users.

Cult of Mac reports that Apple is working on adding Wi-Fi syncing to its iPods this year, along with a new carbon-fibre design for the new iPod classic and iPod nano. That said, it seems there may be a few challenges to overcome before the prototypes become actual products.

"They've tried multiple different body designs and materials to get [wireless syncing] to work well but it's been slow going," says the website's source. "They have, however, found many improvements using a carbon-fibre design."

Apple chief Steve Jobs is apparently "pushing hard" to get the Wi-Fi syncing feature into the new iPods, although, if the problems aren't solved quickly, we'd expect him to nix the idea for this year.

The carbon-fibre design has been rumoured before, based on Apple's hiring of Kevin Kenny, a senior composites engineer with 14 years' experience of building carbon-fibre bicycles. Assuming Apple isn't working on an iBike -- it's a helluva thought -- he'll presumably be bringing his experience to bear on the new iPods.

We wonder if Apple is also finally planning to bring the wireless syncing feature to the iPhone and iPad. Google is already working on ways to free Android devices from cable-based content syncing, so Apple won't want to be left behind.

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