Apple TV price slashed by 20 percent in UK and Europe

Apple has brought the price of the Apple TV media streamer down to £79 in the UK or €99 in Europe.


Apple has dropped the price of Apple TV by 20 percent in the UK and Europe in the face of competition from Google, Roku, and Sky's Now TV.

Apple's media-streaming set-top box has had its price slashed to £79 in the UK or €99 in Europe. The price remains the same in the USA.

Apple, the California-based technology giant behind the iPhone and iPad, today announced a new, lower-priced version of its iMac desktop computer. As is traditional before such new announcements, Apple's online store closed up shop temporarily. When the store returned with the new iMacs in the virtual shop window, the Apple TV's price had also been cut from its previous price of £99 in Britain and €109 on the continent.

The trend with media-streaming devices lately is for lower-priced devices. Higher-priced gear like the Apple TV face stiff competition from wallet-friendly kit such as the £50 Roku Streaming Stick, Google's £30 Chromecast, or the £10 Now TV box that lets you watch Sky programmes without a Sky subscription or satellite dish.

Even with 20 percent knocked off the price tag, Apple TV isn't necessarily a bargain: unlike cheaper rivals it doesn't support key telly services such as the BBC's online catch-up and on-demand service iPlayer.


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