Apple Maps beats Google Maps in race to Apple HQ

Apple Maps is getting better, even beating Google Maps in an informal race between Silicon Valley reporters.

Apple Maps is getting better, even beating Google Maps in an informal race between Silicon Valley reporters -- but any improvements are yet to reach the rest of the world.

Like a kind of geektastic Cannonball Run, tech expert John C. Dvorak raced Leo LaPorte, Lisa Kentzell, and Glenn Rubenstein from The Week in Tech to Apple's California headquarters, each using different maps apps.

Apple Maps and Google Maps took on Waze, which came in third. Dvorak complains that Google Maps is "getting a little ragged", with rerouting during your journey causing problems. Ultimately, the driver using Apple Maps arrived at their destination first.

Great -- Apple Maps now works within a couple of miles from Apple's offices. Good work, Apple. Now how about the rest of the world? Australian police and firefighters warn that Apple Maps can be dangerous, and even worse the other day the app tried to direct me to a pub that's been closed for more than five years.

The Apple Maps app launched with such inaccurate information and outdated data that Apple boss Tim Cook was forced to issue an unprecedented and humiliating public apology, even recommending rival apps.

Google Maps, the default map option on iOS devices before the advent of Apple Maps, returned to iPhones in December in the form of an app. But although there's an iPad version of Google Earth, there's still no iPad version of Google Maps. 

Have you noticed an improvement in Apple Maps -- or a deterioration in Google Maps? Or do you refuse to go near Apple Maps full stop? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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