App controls Husqvarna robot lawn mowers

Dial in to your robot lawn mower and track it on Google Maps.

The Automower 260 ACX will text you if something is amiss. Husqvarna

If you're too lazy to mow your own lawn, and too lazy to supervise a robot that will mow your own lawn, then outdoor equipment maker Husqvarna has an app for you.

My Automower is a free app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that lets you control Husqvarna Automowers with GPS such as the 260 ACX from anywhere.

The app displays the location of the Automower on Google Maps, and can order the machine to start or stop mowing, and automatically recharge itself. Users can also set mowing times and check the status of their Automower, as well as view instructional videos on its use.

GPS is standard on the 260 ACX, which can mow 1.4 acres, recharge automatically, and text users if something disturbs its mowing. If only it could do the weeding too.

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