Angry Wozniak "misquoted" over Android: "It can still be crappy"

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has claimed he was misquoted when he reportedly said Android phones offered more features and will eventually dominate the smart phone market.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has claimed he was misquoted when he reportedly said Android phones offered more features and will eventually dominate the smart phone market.

Talking to Engadget, Woz said that during the original interview with Dutch newspaper De Telegraff he was actually giving the reporter a demonstration of voice commands on the iPhone.

He commented that one thing you can't do on the iPhone that you can do on Android phones is use voice commands to navigate menus, suggesting Apple would catch up thanks to its purchase of Siri and Poly9.

"Almost every app that I have is better on the iPhone," Woz told Engadget, saying all he did was point out one thing Android does that he'd love to have on his iPhone.

As for Android being the dominant platform in the smart phone market, Woz says the reporter asked him which platform he expected to be the dominant one, to which he replied, "Probably Android, based on what I've read, nothing more."

"I said that Android will be a lot like Windows, and we got a lot of junk from Windows, at least the iPhone is good. That was the way I drew it, I'm not trying to put Android down but I'm certainly not saying that Android is better than iOS by any stretch of the imagination.

"It can get greater market share and still be crappy."

So that's still an endorsement of sorts, but nothing like the original claim that Woz expects Android to be just as good as iOS and become the dominant smart phone platform.

Wozniak also gave Nokia a kicking in the original interview, saying that with its lateness on touchscreens the company has an image problem, and bears the "mark of a previous generation."

You can hear the phone conversation with Engadget for yourself -- another interesting tidbit of info gleaned is that Wozniak pronounces iOS "eye oss" rather than "eye oh ess". Who knew?

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