Angry Birds even a hit among robots

A Bitbeam-based machine seriously owns Rovio's hit mobile game, which must make up for the angst it feels for looking like a clothes rack.

Another step forward in the march toward the Singularity--robots playing Angry Birds.

Our manufactured robotic friends have the unfortunate trait of being classic trend-followers rather than trendmakers. So the fact that robots are now playing Angry Birds must mean--as if there was ever any doubt--that Rovio's signature game is officially a big deal.

Today, egg-thieving pigs; tomorrow crushing humanity?

Specifically, the Bitbeambot, which looks like something constructed from tinker toys and leftover racks from your local Old Navy, currently holds the No. 1 spot on the "Robots that Play Angry Birds" leaderboard.

Ol' Triple-B doesn't just play the game, apparently--it owns it. It currently has a very comfy lead over Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-100, which appears to just be linked to a joke Twitter account rather than representing an actual robot.

The Bitbeam-based CNC machine was seen in action earlier this month at the Jenkins User Conference in San Francisco, but you can watch it do its thing in the videos below.

(Via Mashable)

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