Alpine iXA-W407BT Digital Media Station: Watch iPod video in your car

Envious of the futuristic entertainment systems in modern cars? Alpine just unveiled a touchscreen head unit that'll drag your old banger kicking and screaming into the 21st century

Envious of the futuristic entertainment systems found in modern cars? Want a piece of the action? Don't fret -- Alpine has just unveiled a touchscreen head unit that'll drag your old banger kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

The iXA-W407BT Digital Media Station lets you play music and video stored on your iPod and is controlled via a swanky 7-inch touchscreen display. As well as poking at the full-colour menus with nature's stylus to select options, Alpine says you can swipe across its surface with gesture controls to navigate menus, just like on the iPod touch or iPhone. Brap.

This functionality isn't strictly restricted to iPods. Those who aren't suckling from the Apple teat can connect MP3 players and memory keys via USB, as well as standard AV equipment (such as games consoles and TV tuners) via one of the iXA-W407BT's two additional AV inputs. Interestingly, the dual-zone entertainment function means passengers in the rear can enjoy one thing, while those up front take in another, though video in the front of the cabin can only be enjoyed while the vehicle is parked.

There's no built-in satellite navigation, but the included Parrot Bluetooth gives you full access to your mobile phone contacts via the touchscreen, as well as hands-free calling over your car's speakers. You also get FM/AM radio, a CD player and a connector for an optional reverse-parking camera.

All this doesn't come cheap. Alpine has slapped a £699 price tag on the iXA-W407BT, so you may need to sell your car before you can actually afford it. It's available now from a plethora of online car tech retailers.

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