A battery-free remote control

Prototype relies on kinetic energy.


SMK has a prototype TV remote that tosses out the batteries, relying on kinetic energy instead to work.

According to the literature, the channels, volume control and On/Off power switch are controlled by working a trigger on the handle. When pulled, an electromagnetic induction coil rotates at high speed by means of gears. This, in turn, generates a current of 20-30mA--sufficient to change the channel via infrared light. Two consecutive pulls will turn the TV on or off, while volume control is activated by pulling the trigger and pushing a button simultaneously.

Of course, don't expect any fancy features on something this simple. It rather reminds me of the battery-less LG remote wand I have at home, which requires a few twists of the knob to operate each time.

So this gets my vote for being energy-efficient and doing its part for the planet. Though hopefully, by the time the commercial unit is out, it'll look less like a flashlight toy and more like something in keeping with the rest of the home A/V gear.

(Source: Crave Asia)

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