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Google: Android Wear about to get even smarter

Q&A: The search giant hasn't said much about its OS for wearable devices since a demo in June. CNET asks two of its head engineers what's new.

Why Galaxy Note 4 is a must-win for Samsung

Apple will likely launch its own big-screen smartphones a week after Samsung's event, putting more pressure on the Korean electronics giant.

'What If?': A terrific combination of the ridiculous and real

Learning how science and the world work is rarely is as much fun as in this book from Randall Munroe, the creator of the XKCD comic. It's good for kids and adults.

64GB iPhone 6 may adopt sapphire screen as test -- analyst
Xiaomi sells 40,000 Redmi 1S phones in 4 seconds in India
The surprising rise of YouTube lyrics videos
Apple 'actively investigating' iCloud link to celeb photo le...
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36 minutes agoCraveby

Heated smart insoles keep your tootsies toasty

Digitsole connected insoles let you control the temperature of your feet through an app while also tracking distance and calories.

1 hour agoMobileby

Open WebOS reborn as LuneOS for mobile devices

The operating system is an open-source alternative to Android and the many other operating systems available on mobile devices right now.

1 hour agoCraveby

4D Batman roller coaster tosses you to Gotham and back

A new ride coming to the Six Flags theme park in Fiesta, Texas, will have you gliding around like the Caped Crusader. Those with weak stomachs need not apply.

2 hours agoTech Cultureby

Woman impaled while texting and driving

A Colorado woman says she looked down at her phone for just a moment. Her truck struck metal railing, which pierced her vehicle -- and then her.

2 hours agoCraveby

Russian space-sex gecko experiment fails

A mission to learn about the sex life of geckos in orbit took a bad turn when what should have been heaven in space turned into a reptilian tragedy.

2 hours agoiPhone Updateby

Use Normal to target power-hogging apps

This 99-cent iOS utility calls out the apps that are killing your battery and provides help with extending its runtime.

2 hours agoTechnically Incorrectby

GM to launch cars that nag you to death?

A report suggests that Detroit is to install technology that monitors your distracted driving. At what point does the tech itself become too much of a distraction?

2 hours agoAppleby

Apple iPhone 6 allegedly flaunted in hands-on video

Video claims to show Apple's expected 4.7-inch iPhone 6 with a next-gen A8 processor and near-field communication.


Close up with the LG G3 S, aka G3 Beat (pictures)

A cheaper, smaller version of LG's flagship phone attempts to maintain the premium look without making too many compromises.

2 hours agoPhonesby

Microsoft's Cortana disses Siri in new video spot

Running on the new HTC One M8 for Windows Phone, the Cortana voice-activated assistant touts its superiority over Apple's Siri.

3 hours agoMobile Appsby

Reddit's new app eases the pain of reading AMAs

Reading Reddit's Ask Me Anything chats on the Web can be challenging, but a new mobile app attempts to clear up the confusion.

3 hours agoDigital Mediaby

Court strikes down Uber car service in Germany

Uber had already been banned in Berlin, but the Tuesday's court ruling means the car service could be shut out nationwide.

4 hours agoOperating Systemsby

Windows 9 accidentally plugged by Microsoft China

The upcoming new version of Windows received an unintentional pitch with a brief post and logo courtesy of Microsoft China.

4 hours agoSecurityby

North Korean tactics in cyberwarfare exposed

An HP report suggests the reclusive country's cyberwarfare capabilities are rapidly making it a threat to Western systems.

5 hours agoThe Audiophiliacby

A high-end headphone from Japan wows the Audiophiliac

Final Audio Design's Pandora Hope VI is the rare full-size high-end headphone that really delivers the goods plugged into phones and portable music players!

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