How to set up your BlackBerry Z10

Setting up your BlackBerry Z10 only takes a few minutes of your time. We walk you through the setup process.

Before you begin setting up your brand-new BlackBerry Z10, make sure you have a few minutes to spare and a speedy Wi-Fi connection available. Part of the setup process for BlackBerry 10 is ensuring that your new device is running the latest version of the new operating system.

The first time I ran through the setup process on my Z10, the update came in at several hundred MBs, with the latest update (as seen in the video) coming in at just 2MB. Of course your experience will likely vary depending on your location and wireless carrier.

If you don't already have a BlackBerry ID and want to get a head start on the setup process before you get your hands on one of the new devices, you can sign up for a BlackBerry ID here. It's similar to an Apple ID in that it's what you'll use to purchase content from BlackBerry World, track down a lost device through BlackBerry Protect, and keep track of your BBM contacts.

Have a BlackBerry Z10 already? What are your thoughts on the new platform? Or are you waiting for the traditional BlackBerry keyboard of the Q10? Let us know in the comments below.

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