Grayscale Tool for Chrome makes Web pages easier to read

Check out this Chrome extension that can help you focus on the reading material, while also saving you from eye strain.

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Advertisements, poor text color and background color choices, or even annoying Web site themes can distract you while reading an article online. And sometimes it's not just the distractions, but the strain on your eyes, that makes you want to stop reading.

Instead of suffering through the awful color palettes or vibrant advertisements, you can install a lightweight Chrome extension that will remove the color from the Web page you're reading. Here's how:

First you'll have to grab a copy of Grayscale Tool, by Emanuel Malmquist. Just click Add to Chrome in the top-right-hand corner.

Next, open a Web page you want to read, sans color.

Finally, press Shift+G on your keyboard. Voila! The Web page will now be in grayscale and look more like a pre-1970s newspaper (except those animated ads, of course).

This extension is fantastic for people who don't want yet another button on their Chrome toolbar (since it doesn't add one), and want quick access to the extension's functionality.


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