iPhones? iPads? New Watch?

Apple sends invites for September event

The date of Apple's next product announcement is here.


Fitbit unveils its first waterproof tracker, Charge HR sequel and Adventures


Apple gets slapped with $14.5B tax bill by EU


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J&L Real 100 Wireless

Upbeat, fast-paced sound to motivate your toughest workouts plus stay-put fit and all-day comfort. A 'Best Value' pick!


Tepoinn VR Headset

Quality headset and optics with adjustable lenses lets you experience VR without breaking the bank.


VAVA Voom 20

Compact Bluetooth speaker that has gobs of bass, crisp, clean sound, dual-pairing and up to 10 hours playtime.


Fire TV Stick

Plug it into your TV and in just minutes transform it into a streaming media centre.


Fire Tablet 7

7-inch, 8GB Wi-Fi tablet with a beautiful IPS display. The perfect balance between size, performance and functionality.


Fire HD 10 WideScreen

Light and thin, 10-inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi tablet with HD display, fast quad processor, dual cameras and access to loads of content.


Fire Kids Edition Tablet

7-inch, 16GB Wi-Fi tablet with front and rear cameras, kid-proof case, one year of 'Fire for Kids' and two-year guarantee.


Beyerdynamic Custom Street

Custom-series headphones with clean styling, crystal clear vocals, wide sound stage and a compact, folding design.


Belkin Wi-Fi Extender

The easy-to-setup N300 'Wall Plug' range extender delivers Wi-Fi signal to every nook and cranny of your home or office.


Anker Ergo Wireless Mouse

Responsive, adjustable DPI, ergo-design, optical mouse moves with your palm, allowing smoother action with less strain.


PetSafe Drinkwell Platimum

5-litre fountain with dual filtration traps particles and removes bad tastes and odours while keeping your pet hydrated.

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