Best TVs: 44 - 49 inches

Updated April 16, 2014 6:42 AM PDT

Many people shopping for their first living-room-size TV end up in this size range. They're large enough to satisfy the desire for that big, beautiful high-definition picture, yet not so large that they dominate even smaller rooms. On the other hand, stepping up to a 50-inch size often doesn't cost too much more.

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Samsung UNF8000

The excellent yet expensive Samsung UNF8000 is a tour de force of LED LCD TV design, features, and picture quality.

Price: $1,419.00 - $2,497.99 Check prices

4 stars Excellent

Sony KDL-W802A

The Sony W802A LED LCD delivers lots of style and features, but its picture quality is only decent at this price.

Price: $837.99 - $1,440.92 Check prices

3 stars Good

Samsung UN6400

The Samsung UNF6400 offers attractive styling and a full complement of features for the price but is outstripped by rivals for performance.

Price: $1,695.99 - $1,897.99 Check prices

3 stars Good

Samsung LNE550

The Samsung E550 series LCD is a decent performer with excellent shadow detail and good colors but image softness hampers a hearty recommendation.

Price: $599.99 - $1,193.28 Check prices

3 stars Good

Vizio E0i-A1

The Vizio E series offers picture quality nearing the more expensive M series and is a very good choice if you value its Smarts and styling.

Price: $368.00 - $500.00 Check prices

3.5 stars Very good
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