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Scout review: A handy weapon for road warriors

Designed for car commuters, Scout shows you how long it will take to get to work or home, and sends alerts about bad traffic.

19 days ago
4 stars Excellent

Lenka for iOS review: The world only has two colors through Lenka

Lenka takes fantastic black-and-white photos using a simple approach, but its interface may be a bit confusing until you learn the ropes.

19 days ago
4 stars Excellent

Adobe Photoshop Express for Windows Phone is best in a tiny class

Adobe's Photoshop Express skates past its largely unpolished photography app competition on Windows Phone.

23 days ago
4 stars Excellent

MatchCut lets you create movies out of video clips, and add a musical backdrop

Select video clips from your photo library, pick background music, then let MatchCut do the rest.

23 days ago
4 stars Excellent

Lumosity's brain-training app keeps your mind busy with puzzles and math

This free app is fast and fun, just don't expect much of a brain boost.

24 days ago
3.5 stars Very good

Trunx (iOS) review: Trunx makes sharing photos fun and easy

With an intuitive interface and simple swipe gestures, Trunx is an excellent way to manage and share your photos.

25 days ago
4 stars Excellent

Android L gives a glimpse of Android's future with a new design, enhanced notifications, and Bluetooth unlocking

Google gives us a preview of the future of its mobile operating system.

25 days ago

Amazon's Music app is plagued by a confusing design and limited music selection

The Amazon Music apps give you free music with a Prime subscription, but the selection is lacking.

30 days ago

Argus displays health information in an easy-to-read interface

Using the iPhone 5S M7 processor, along with integrating third-party apps, Argus is a well-rounded activity app.

32 days ago
4 stars Excellent
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