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Dash for Android helps you save gas and drive more safely

This Android app collects data while you drive and gives you a personalized report of your car's fuel efficiency.

by 2 days ago
4 stars Excellent

Diptic Video lets you create a collage of video clips

Choose videos and photos from your photo library to create unique collages with a musical backdrop.

by 5 days ago
3.5 stars Very good

Windows Phone is better than ever, but still falls short on apps

Microsoft's mobile operating system revs up in 8.1 with the addition of voice assistant Cortana and a notification center.

by 7 days ago
3.5 stars Very good

Carousel from Dropbox makes photo and video sharing a snap

With the new Carousel app from Dropbox, you can share photos and videos with friends much faster than you currently can on your smartphone.

by 10 days ago
4 stars Excellent

Mailbox for Android keeps your inbox clean and orderly

This Dropbox-owned email app helps you organize your inbox, so it's never overflowing.

by 10 days ago
3.5 stars Very good

Do more with your Instagram and Vine videos

With Vinyet, you can create and share complex videos across both Vine and Instagram.

by 11 days ago
4.5 stars Outstanding

Monument Valley is an eerie and beautiful puzzle game you won't want to stop playing

Though it's a short game by most puzzle game standards, Monument Valley's levels are works of art, and the whole experience is well worth your money.

by 12 days ago
4 stars Excellent

Lightroom mobile delivers basic retouching tools on iPad for Lightroom users

It's a really good first effort, but there's quite a bit missing from Adobe's iPad companion to its Lightroom photo-editing software.

by 13 days ago
3.5 stars Very good

The Collectables is an excellent mobile strategy game from the makers of the Crysis franchise

Crytek's The Collectables lives up to the hype, bringing realistic-looking graphics, solid gameplay, and plenty of variation through the use of collectable cards.

by 16 days ago
4 stars Excellent
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