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The PCs in this list represent what I consider the current best examples in computing design, and they're more than just the sum of their parts. Whether your aim is to show off your good taste; to upgrade, tweak, and tinker; to frag into the wee hours; or to master and expand your digital-media library (or create some media of your own), you will find something on this list that, if not totally to your liking, will serve as an excellent comparison point as you shop around.

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Best touchscreen all-in-one

Dell XPS 27 all-in-one desktop computer

As a big-screen upscale all-in-one with touch and decent gaming chops, the latest version of Dell's XPS 27 is a great all-around home PC that covers a lot of bases.

Price: $2,009.99 - $2,099.99 Check prices

4 stars Excellent Almost everything you could want in an all-in-one

Apple iMac 2013

Anyone who bought last year's redesigned iMac doesn't need to upgrade, but for owners of older models or anyone looking to switch, the latest 27-inch Apple iMac offers a wide-ranging set of internal upgrades.

Price: $1,879.00 - $2,499.95 Check prices

4 stars Excellent

Best small gaming desktop

Falcon Northwest FragBox (2013)

High-end, high-price gaming desktops are an even rarer beast than ever, but with the latest Intel and Nvidia parts inside, at least the significant money you'll put into a Falcon Northwest FragBox will be well-spent.

4 stars Excellent

Best desktop/tablet hybrid

Dell XPS 18

It's the best of the small handful of current tablet/all-in-one hybrids, with a subtle, sophisticated design and good battery life, but this new genre is still in its early days.

Price: $1,245.00 - $1,245.00 Check prices

4 stars Excellent

Best tabletop PC

Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27 (Core i5)

Tabletop PCs may not be fully ready for the mainstream, but this coffee-table-size version from Lenovo is fun to use, and doubles as a solid all-in-one desktop.

Price: $1,459.00 - $1,499.00 Check prices

3.5 stars Very good
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