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Replacing your incandescents? Here's the bulb you want.

The Cree 60-watt Replacement LED offers unmatched value, high efficiency, and a 10-year warranty.


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New product line gives iRobot-competitor Neato a strong new flagship unit

New features and revamped accessories give Neato's BotVac models an edge over the competition, including the brand's own XV-line of robot vacuums.

by 13 hours ago
4 stars Excellent

Korner's got an inside angle on home security

A new DIY security option promises basic protection from a sensor that's just 7mm thick.

by 16 hours ago

FNV Labs Mellow: A smart sous vide cooker we're excited for

It's this sous vide machine's ability to keep your food cold that justifies its smarts.

by 3 days ago

The Tabu LuMini is the most affordable color-changing smart LED yet (review)

With vivid colors and fun features like a music sync mode, this smart bulb looks poised to be the life of the party.

by 6 days ago
3.5 stars Very good

Dyson's DC65 revs up the power

Dyson claims that its newest upright vacuum is 25 percent more powerful -- but does that translate to performance?

by 13 days ago

Hoover brings cord-free design to upright vacuums

A full-size battery-powered upright vacuum? Yes, please.

by 13 days ago

Samsung's Dyson competitor is heavy, inconsistent, and over-priced

This Samsung upright's $449.99 price tag doesn't match its clunky design and uneven performance.

by 19 days ago

This powerful new lawn mower needs no gasoline

A bigger battery puts the Ego Power+ a cut above the competition.

by 21 days ago

A mediocre stick vacuum from Electrolux

Although the $230 Electrolux Ergorapido Power offers better performance than the brand's $349 UltraPower Studio stick vacuum, its test results were still pretty hit-and-miss.

by 22 days ago
3.5 stars Very good
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