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The 404: The 404 Show 1,585: Black Seadevils terrorize the subconscious (podcast)
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The 404: The 404 Show 1,585: Black Seadevils terrorize the subconscious (podcast)

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The world's best Bridget Carey joins Ariel and Iyaz to decipher smart phone apps, Star Wars trailers, and deadly toys.

So, I managed to cut my finger pretty bad over the weekend. Like how bad? Like, like with a bread knife. So, I had this bagel in my hand, and I was doing this thing. I was kinda zoning out, and I was, my head was repeating constantly. Bagels are dangerous. Let, let the, let the knife do the work. Let the knife do the work. Let the knife do the work. And before I knew it,. It had done the work on my finger. Yeah. So, I had a nice slice. And so- Which hand? On my left hand- Oh, gosh- Index finger, pointer finger? What is the first one called? Anyone know? You got both, you got two- They're both called- There's index and pointer, yeah. Get outta town. Yeah. Im' really bad at this. Anyway- Phalange. You had a phalange. I had an injury to the. To the meat on my finger, which was not good. I didn't think a bread knife could do that. Yeah, yeah I guess, I, I, I've actually, if I think about it, bagels have caused me harm too in the past. It's the one thing that you, you're slicing bread, you're not thinking, Mm-hm. Disaster. Because if you've got a loaf, you can just kind of like lay that down. Mm-hm. You're not gonna be underneath it, but before I knew it, bagel was in the sink, so I lost the bagel on top of it. So that feel into this sink that had dog water in it. Blood bagel. [CROSSTALK] A bloody, soggy bagel. I had a situation like that when I was trying to impress my now husband cooking. I was slicing cheese, talking to him, like sliced my finger open trying to hide it like. Don't worry honey! Dinner's almost ready! [LAUGH] On our like. [UNKNOWN] The cheese is slightly red, it's a wax, I promise, it's just wax. Like, what's wrong? 'Don't look at my hand' [LAUGH] That's when it's awkward. Aw. Thankfully, I should got to just get a band-aid, and that was the end of the story. I didn't have to [UNKNOWN] on a date. My son was like. Wait, what happened? I'm like, I cut my finger. He's like, oh, is that why there's blood everywhere? I'm like, yes, that's why. Smart guy. All right, let's just start the show, shall we? Let's do it. [MUSIC] Welcome to the 404. It's Monday, November 24th. Jeff Bakular is working from home. Which means he is not on set. Strangely enough he doesn't live here. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] So he's somewhere else. And today, we've got my favorite Carey. Not Mariah, not Harry [INAUDIBLE] Bridget Carey. Even named Drew or Jim but I'll take it. Jim? That is kinda off the deep end. Drew's got some other problems. [LAUGH] So I won't talk about him but thanks for being here, Bridget. [LAUGH] Thanks. Also, we have Ariel in the box. Cuz we're in the studio again. Hi. He looks like some kind of Halloween. Prop. Cuz of the lighting underneath, I know it's weird. We got to do something about that. Spooky! It's like audio spooky corner! [LAUGH] It's actually quite nice in that box. It is, it is. [LAUGH] Yeah, this shot does not do it justice. [LAUGH] You've got a nice room in here. It's a very nice room it's unfortunately. Pretty, weirdly lit. Yeah [LAUGH]. Anyway, so we got some really dumb stories today. Ok. And Bridgett this is great cuz you don't know anything we're gonna talk about. I just jumped in the seat, ready to go, let's do this. Let's do this because the first thing that caught my eye is the black Sea Devil. There's been footage of this animal caught. Oh that fish thing. Yeah, so this thing, look this isn't a real story. I saw this video and like apparently this fish has been. Record like six times in like the history of like the world. And so this is the first time, footage has been gotten of something, this fish far enough, like 600 meters deep. Yeah. It's like, it's like this scary thing below what anyone normally sees. And isn't it like that thing from Nemo? Yeah, it's the thing that almost ate Nemo and. It looks like. Oh! I just want to talk about the way this thing looks like. It looks like a thing from a nightmare. This giant thing of gaping teeth, it's got kinda like a flashlight at the top of its head. And if you've seen Nemo, that's a thing that actually attracts prey. It looks like, first of all it looks like a CG test. Hey, that looks kinda neat. Mm-hm. But when you realize that's a freaking' fish. It looks like my nightmares forever will have this image, which I should not have seen. You know that, that horror movies and alien movies all get their inspiration from the horrors beneath the sea, because that, that stuff under there. If you ever start like, googling with. Was the mystery creep-o fish down there? Aah, not, not good for getting to sleep. [CROSSTALK] Yeah, I, there, there's really, again, not much to this story. This is like the first time it's been caught at 600 meters. So hey! You know. That's crazy. Gives us hope that we can keep going deeper and find more nightmares. I don't want to, now this. Look at this thing. This is gonna be embedded forever in our brains, okay? [LAUGH] [LAUGH] That's creepy. This is not, this is not a test. it's a. It looks like it has a spoon on it's head. No, it's a flashlight. Wow. And it's just, okay. That's, that's all I want to talk about. [LAUGH] That really. [LAUGH] I'm sorry it bothers you so much. I guess because of Disney, maybe I'm not as freaked out like I used to be of those things, you know? Other more, more insect like things creep me out. The more. The more crawlies, the creepy crawly, the worst. Like the, the teeth thing, I'm just like, you're a fat, blind piranha thing. [LAUGH] So your idea is that as long as you stay out of that water, you're fine. Right. Of course, that won't be an issue. I'm just like, I don't want my subconscious having this in the catalog of crap. It has. Yeah. Friend of mine described laser eye surgery. And explained that he could see the whole time. And I'm like, I don't want that in my brain. The memory of a laser beam shot into your eye. Yeah, slicing your cornea. Well, you know, it's not for everyone. [LAUGH] It's not. Not ready for it. So I look forward to seeing this anglerfish in my nightmares. So when you seen me with bags under my eyes, you'll know why. It's like no. [LAUGH] Black devil fish! Sorry, it was black sea devil, not devil fish. What am I talking about? Same thing. Same thing, same difference. Anyway, let's talk about some technology, because that has nothing to do with technology whatsoever. Well he's got like a LED light on his head, so we're getting close. [LAUGH] I guess, And there was some technology in taking the actual filming of it down there, so it wasn't that easy. There was this ap that was making the rounds and what it does. It's, it's called Apple Tree. Okay? Okay? It was developed by some students in Singapore. And what it does is, it gives you a prize, or prizes and discounts, for running this app and doing nothing else. So basically it forces you to pay attention to people around you. So, you run the app. You have like a couple friends, you put them all on the table at the same time. And, as you leave your phone alone, as long as that app is running. You will get actual discounts and things that will give you a reward for actually interacting with other people, or I guess, leaving your phone alone. So, it, it's rewarding you for not touching your phone? Yeah. And why do you have to have your friends around. Like he just like, just be by yourself and not have your, not touch your phone like [CROSSTALK] go watch TV or something. I think you can still get rewards the other way. Like you're saying like if you're like a solitary kind of a person. But the idea from these students came when they were actually at lunches and things, they would do this as gestures putting their phones together. Just kind of leaving them alone. Mm-hm. It's like fine, okay. We're gonna be here, let's be here. Mm-hm. Well, yeah, I mean I think that's good manners anyways. And sometimes you hear people who have trouble letting go, that they have to do things like that, to like have dinner together without checking their phone. But when the phone is on the table then, it's still tempting when it goes off, you wanna go grab it faster. How about I just put it on silent and put it in a bag but. I get, I get what they are doing, but then again, those kinds of ads that reward you like that, they are novelties, I mean, how often are you going to get more advertisers to really give you worthwhile ads, instead you get 10% off hunting gear, you are like, okay I can't use that. [LAUGH] It's the weird mish mosh of ads, that maybe in the beginning because it's new, the Gap might give you 5% off, and after that it becomes useless and kind of weird. Online retailers that you'll never shop at. That's just the way I, I, I see those, these types of things. I, I think it's, I think it's, they're trying something different, but I don't know. Well, it's not that different. There, there's an app right now called Forest for iOS, costs about a buck. And so, I went to dinner with my girlfriend last night. She's like, I got this app. It will make me like, pay attention. What? I'm like, okay, that's great. But, pay attention to what? The actual conversation, not mess with the phone. Okay. If you're curious, this is how the app works. It like, it grows these trees. So, when you actually have the app running, you set a timer for 30 minutes, it will start growing a tree. If you touch the phone or mess with it. I guess you could turn it off, cause you could turn it off. If you change the app, the tree will die. Cause this is the actual iTunes store, says the tree will be killed if you leave this app. So as we're having this conversation, at dinner, I'm like, you realize that right now, we're talking about this app. You have to take your phone out, show me how it works, do this thing. Just in order to have that weird feeling of I'm paying attention. Like, couldn't you just, like you're saying, turn it off. Wait, so, so it's game of, it's like a gamification of like, look at my little forest I built in the world that no one else knows about? The harder you work, the lusher your forest is. I guess you need to have other friends do this otherwise there's nothing to show off except to yourself. Oh my gosh. I've seen good aspects of this with workout gamification, but never non-active, put your phone away gaming. Look I did it, I can show off how good I am at not touching my phone as long as I do for the first five minutes. And the abs, the apple wasn't buggy at least. Because if it was buggy, it would take a lot longer. And immediately you go brag about it on Facebook with the push notification to your friends to sign up. Guess what, everyone? Guess what I did? I was not able to touch my phone for ten hours. You, too, can get this achievement. Oh, my God. Yeah, I, I don't get it. It seems like a real scam. Well,. I think, wait, was it telling you like, there's an app for everything, but finally we need an app for nothing. [LAUGH] It's like we ran out of ideas and now we need apps for nothing. [LAUGH] We should come up with an app that turns the phone off. Just imagine that, but it turns the phone off and then, then it does send out that notification, you're right, that's what happens. So like, my phone is off. [LAUGH]. I am not dead. [LAUGH]. We'll be back in 30 minutes. [LAUGH] That could work. Must be a thing. Yeah, like a voice message when you're not in. [LAUGH] [LAUGH]. Okay, so yeah. I'm not a fan of these things. Oh, man. I thought, initially I thought the idea was cool. You know, I like the idea of people connecting face to face. But you shouldn't need an app for that. Yeah. Yeah, we're having problems. Especially now we have, like, like, how bad is it gonna be with smart watches and other things like that? So now they'll, they advertise it as- [INAUDIBLE] like this. Right, no, they advertise it to say, hey, you can be in the moment. You don't have to take your whole screen out. You can just glance when you miss something. You don't have to feel like you're missing out and you get caught up in your phone. But you're still glancing at something, it doesn't take it away. In fact, I think it might make you wanna just check it more often, but I don't know. I just think they should be like data everywhere. Kinda like, you ever watch Usual Suspects? Like, there's verbal at the end. Spoiler, if you haven't watched Usual Suspects. He's getting all his information from everywhere around. He's, he's making this beautiful story. Mm-hm. Based on everything that's on the walls and on mugs and everything. That's how I get information. Like, there was like, all these televisions on with sports on. So if I'm having a conversation with you, every now and then I might just kind of you know, crick my neck, look at the score there. Look over there, there's some more information. Yeah, you can't help it. Like, you know what I hate the most? I hate being in a restaurant. The phone doesn't distract me if I'm in a conversation. It's the TV above me that I'm just like drawn to like, like a fly. I'm just like I'm sorry, what? I'm sorry, what? There's a, there's a pointless thing behind you. [LAUGH] I don't, I don't even watch hockey but like, yeah. I have to look up. [LAUGH] Like, where's the pesto? Like I can't help. But like, look up at whatever's there. And then I'm like, what? But we're in like a Mexican cafe. There's nothing to do with Sports. [LAUGH] Like from them, it;s not a cafe, just throw a TV to get more people in. And then it ends up being not the experience I want. Ay, ay, ay. Star Wars. Okay. [LAUGH] Okay, so there's this announcement. Or like sort of announcement. Regal Cinemas is gonna have. The trailer for the next Star Wars movie. Mm-hm. This Friday. Only regal? Exactly. This is interesting. So Regal Cinemas has announced the trailer is going to play before showing at 9 of its locations and continuing throughout the weekend. So their supposed to be like, no internet version right away. The verge [UNKNOWN] The verge has like a list of places you can go to to see it. It's supposed to be the world premiere. So there's not supposed to be any other theaters who have it. But the weird thing is, Regal then took down the notice. So when you go to the page it says Star Wars [UNKNOWN] debut, and many Bothans died to bring us this information. And it's gone. Someone found out that it wasn't true. Yeah, so it might have been [UNKNOWN]. But it, it probably is true, but would this actually get you to go into a cinema? If I had a choice and the time slots were the same, yes. It's, it, I'd make my choices based on like what movie I'm gonna see first. I'm mean, I'm not gonna go to the movies for no reason to see a trailer, that's ridiculous, I'd never do that. I mean, but if I'm gonna see a movie anyways, and I know that. And between two theaters right next to my house, then yeah, I'll go with the one that's got the Star Wars trailer in it. When I was in college I actually watched a movie just to watch the trailer [CROSSTALK] of the first. Oh, baby. What a mistake that was. Oh, baby, oh. It was genius. I mean I enjoy the trailers, I get there like a half hour early just to get a good seat for the trailers, but I'm never [INAUDIBLE] in the movie when it's like $10 a pop. Or now $15 a pop, however much it costs. Well that's the thing, like 30% of the audience left after the trailer. Nobody wanted to watch the upcoming movie, so nobody cared. So I don't even remember to this day what the movie was. I know, I saw it in Boston. I know, I think it was like Waterboy or something. Oh man, can we talk about Jurassic Park for a second? Absolutely. Okay, so I'm on the Facebooks, I see the alerts, Jurassic Park teaser trailer release. I'm like, Oh my gosh! Gotta watch this right now. Everyone come gather near. I hit play. It's ten seconds of a teaser for the teaser that comes out Friday [LAUGH] We are doing teaser trailers for teaser trailers. It actually at the end said, for the full trailer. Which comes out Friday, wait till friday, and I am going oh my gosh, oh my gosh, and this is the end of the second teaser I saw about this too, there are 2 different teasers for a teaser. I just found it, I am running it right now, it's literally 20 seconds and its exactly what you are saying. And half of that is the, oh watch out. got Chris Pratt, and we've got a logo, and there's a commercial for- Trailer premiere, Thursday, NBC. It describe, it goes on for another 12 seconds. Yes. Yeah, that's what I mean. Half of it is just, come back Thursday for the trailer. Oh, we have entered a new era of just sadness. I love that this article has the stills. It has, so like, this is the entirety of the trailer. His three images and they have all three images. One, two and no they dont have the logo. Actually the logo is in the Oh no There's the logo right there. They are in a bubble jeep thing. They are in a jeep with a bubble. And its not, its called Jurassic World. World. Is better than Jurassic Park four. Yeah. Did you see Jurassic Park three? Oh yeah. I don't remember it. I let that one go, I just let that one go. It never happened. Yeah. Yeah. Never happened. I only have so much space, I let some things go. Like, I let the, some, some Spidermans go, I just kind of let it go. The Hulks go. Just gotta, gotta get it. The Hulk's are easy to forget, though. Yeah. So that's good. But, yeah. I'm not going to a theater to watch this trailer, Star Wars. I don't care. I'm not going to a Regal Cinemas just for this. I mean, if there was a group that would do it, it's the Stars Wars group. And maybe, and maybe Harry Potter's. People, too. The Hunger Games People. You know, you got, you know, yeah, well, well, I don't know if their at that level yet? I think they're getting there. You need dress up level. I'm talking dress up level. Hm. Have you dressed up, have you ever dressed up for the movies? No. Ooh, no. [LAUGH] See now, that is more worth it than going to see a trailer. [CROSSTALK] So many people have, I have dressed up, because that's an experience, cuz you're really excited. But saying you go [INAUDIBLE] and you poo poo dressing up, [CROSSTALK] I think that's like, like almost a 20 year old story. So like, that's a really dumb version of me. And I'm not that bright right now. [LAUGH] So just imagine me dumber, way dumber. And having a lot of free time. That's what I had in college. Okay. That's why. And well college, you know, people will just hang around sometimes for more than one movie. Also we didn't know that Lucas would be this bad with the trailers. Oh. The actual trilogy. Oh. We had no idea. Yeah. We're like, Phantom Menace. People were excited but, but I remember people dressing up and people dressed up for Harry Potter and. I was the only one who dressed up for Star Trek, but that's okay, that's a different story. [LAUGH] Last story, this is really quick. The, there's this organization that put out the, the list of dangerous toys, the 10 worst toys, it's from the group world against toys cau, causing harm. Okay. Like are these common toys though? These are toys you can find. You can buy like major retailers like Toys R Us. Okay. So they're not like just finding terrible things. Let's just highlight a couple of them, because they have this press release, and as you can see if you're watching the video, this press release is amazing looking. Like, it's just like, just stellar layout. [LAUGH] Beautiful imagery. [LAUGH] Awesome. The Radio Flyer Ziggle. Yeah, here's the problem with the Ziggle, okay? It says, it says watch out, cuz there's a watch group, right? It says always wear a helmet and other safety gear. The young rider pictured on the box is wearing no protection. [LAUGH] Look at that. Oh, oh sweet Jesus. This guy is just a death trap. See, when I saw this Radio Flyer, I'm like eight inches from the ground, totally gonna get it. Gonna do it without a helmet. No. Cant' do it. I see what they're saying, I guess. But yeah, always practice safe cycling folks. [LAUGH] Catapencil. [INAUDIBLE] Catapencil is interesting. So its, its a pencil that has a slingshot built in. Well, I would say that any slingshot belongs in the category. [LAUGH] But here's their reason for this. Sharpened pencils should not be marketed as playthings. Much less a miniature slingshot style launcher. There are no warnings or age recommendations. $4 from Toy Smith available at Amazon, Ebay and Learning Express. You know, okay first off that's a gag, second off you don't even need this site to, to, to warn you about that. I've been, I've been seriously injured by a sharpened pencil that I used as a toy as a child. [LAUGH] Wait how do you use a sharpened pencil as a toy? Well. I had a massive Crayola set. Mm-hm. With like, like towering crayons and markers, and sharpened pencils. And you know, you do the whole fling, and all I remember is, as I was flinging and using them as catapults. [LAUGH] I mean, I did the art part, but you know, when I first got it, I was like,. Goofing off as young five year olds do. I just remember the pencil sticking right in my palm and running to my mother. [LAUGH] Cuz it was so brand new and I didn't sharpen it. It was like, it came sharpened. I remember just running to mom and I still have like, lead in my hand to this day. I'm still alive. Mm. You managed to survive. A pencil stabbing. Yeah. Sharpened pencils. [CROSSTALK] Got to watch out for them. Well this is the last one, this is my favorite one, okay? The true legends orcs battle hammer. $14.49, available at Toys R Us. Ages three and up. Okay. Three years old children are encouraged to play the part of Savage Orc, by wielding a hard plastic battle hammer, measuring almost two feet in length. There are no accompanying cautions or warnings. Hazard: potential for blunt impact injuries. It's a freaking hammer! It's like saying like, oh you buy your kid a sword, they're gonna hit someone with a sword [LAUGH] Yes, the other thing is, blunt impact injuries is like, everything. You can take almost anything. I am disappointed in this watch dog group. I was hoping you were going to show me some really cool toys with spikes and loose parts. But no no no no no no. You're whole business model is based on no common sense. I don't think so. It's kind of the worst version of what we grew up with people always criticizing, oh you can't watch the Power Rangers because you'll start to fight in school, and this is the same thing. You cant buy a weapon or else you'll hit someone with it. But you know what? Parents need to have some responsibility too.>> And what kind of caution and warnings do want to see on a thing that says battle hammer? [LAUGH] I know, the whole point is that it's make-believe. Yes, you will hit your little brother and sister with it. And that's part of growing up. [LAUGH] That's a thing you do with a parent who's go to go, don't hit him in the head with that! Right. Anywhere else is fine, but just not in the head. [LAUGH] That's why you get Nerf. [LAUGH] Cuz they are gonna hit and so, you know, you just try to do the best you can with what, what you buy. [LAUGH] Yeah. I, I, there are some toys that are dangerous, you got little like hair things falling out of things, so there's choking hazards. Okay, yeah, that's what I thought you were gonna say. But this was, this was unexpected. Three, three of them are pretty dumb. And so I don't know. Yeah. [LAUGH] One of them looks like. Okay, this one is. Helmet not included. One looks like an machine gun. Like, this would get you shot. This is fair. I would say maybe don't market this to kids. And SWAT team is the brand, is the toy. [LAUGH] Oh my god. It's only ten dollars. It's at Kmart, you know, if you want to get shot in the park. You know, I grew up there was a lot of stories about this happening. Yeah. So these guns became, like, bright orange. This gun it's a little It's not orange at all, or not even like bright blue, I remember. There it is. I remember seeing a lot of bright blue guns. There's the entirety of the orange part. Oh, man. So yeah, that's, that's fair, we'll give some credit to [UNKNOWN] Yeah. Cuz they were like don't get your kids shot. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] get hit by a hammer because they are too dumb to realize that it's a hammer. [LAUGH] It's a hammer, anyways. Think that's pretty much it though today. All right. Finished, over. We survived. You made it. How are you feeling? still, still kicking. Still kicking? Not kicking. Not kicking. Just kind of sitting there. [LAUGH] I'm just prepping myself to keep calm for the Black Friday madness. You know, it's, it's, I feel like, it's like winter is coming, black Friday is coming, which is now Thursday, it's just, it's just all kinds of anxiety, I just keep calm, keep cool. I went to the Time Warner Center yesterday. And it was oddly calm. Oh Yeah. Even though, like, you knew, you saw all the signs, [INAUDIBLE] black Friday, people putting them up. Everyone just kind of like okay, be cool. [LAUGH]. That was neat. I should say some contact stuff. Ariel, you know all that stuff, right? All the contact stuff? Yes. Yeah you could email us. The Call us, leave a voicemail. 866-404-CNET. [LAUGH] What about Instagram? [LAUGH] Oh yeah, we got Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. [CROSSTALK] I think we're on Twine too. The 404 everywhere. [CROSSTALK] I think you have to end it with, and I submit these websites to the midnight society. [LAUGH] A little explosion beneath your face. [LAUGH] Perfect! [LAUGH] Yeah. Okay, that sounds great. [CROSSTALK] It, Bridget. Thanks for being on. Thanks for having me. Where should people find you on the internet again? Mm-hm. Has all the update goodness and I'm Twit- Oh, that's you! And I'm on Twitter. [LAUGH] Oh! Oh! That's where you know me. I know ya. I just thought you were that weird kid that just sit on the, the desk over there. Yes and- That's also true. [LAUGH] All that's true. I'm the weirdo. I apologize. [LAUGH] For immediately, like, okay now that you're done, I'm going to insult you. Yeah. [LAUGH] It's how, you know what, it's good. But you insult me during the course of the show, so its okay. Yeah, yeah. [CROSSTALK] I think we're, we're even? Yeah, we're even. Okay, [INAUDIBLE] Or, or, we're going to fist bump? Fist bump. [LAUGH] I didn't do this. [LAUGH] Cut to music. [LAUGH] bye. [MUSIC]
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