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The 404: The 404 Show 1,551: Batman ruined? How to live forever, GTA V new-gen date and details (podcast)
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The 404: The 404 Show 1,551: Batman ruined? How to live forever, GTA V new-gen date and details (podcast)

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There's some new Batman controversy about the size of his Batmobile cannon. Plus, we'll learn how to live forever thanks to fruit flies and Rockstar Games dishes out info about GTA V on new-gen consoles.

<< So I gave R-E-L a nickname, cuz he's such a firecracker. Ya know? << Who's describing him as a firecracker? << I was, for some reason. I can't remember why. << It was the other day, we, we said he was exuding firecracker, characteristics. << [LAUGH] And I was like, if he's gonna be any kind of firecracker, he's a, he's like a sparkler, cuz it burns very evenly. << It's an even burn. << And bright, and it's just, it's really kind of the slick one. But he was burned. Yeah, and he's, he's trying to convince me to be the snake instead. Yeah, I think you should be the snake. But that just means you light him on fire he goes, [NOISE] No, no, no, snake, you've gotta, Doesn't really stand out, just kind of in the background, it's just an extra bonus, that's me. Slithery. [LAUGH] I think the sparklers much more fitting. Mysterious. But you, I mean, they're so nice to give. They give sparklers to kids. Yeah but. You know, it's friendly Yeah but, sparklers fizz out too soon and they're always like, Compared to a snake? No, no no, Those things are like chht done. [LAUGH] Yeah I guess. I guess snakes and sparklers equally suck. [LAUGH] But that's not what I wanna give to Ariel But you put sparklers on birthday cakes. Not snakes. Yeah, I guess you're right. You are the spark in the [UNKNOWN]. I've never seen like a, a super snake on a, on a birthday cake. I have, they cut a cake. Just look at this growing poo on your cake. Here's what we think of you, happy birthday. [LAUGH] All right, what did you want to talk about. For the, for the, our little conversation here. Wasn't there like a waiting online sort of thing. Naw [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] Fair enough it's Friday September 12th. It's the 404 show. Let's get it going. [MUSIC] Welcome to the program, ladies and gentlemen. This is 404 Show. I'm Jeff Bakalar, joined by Iyaz Akhtar. Ariel Nuñez over on the board. AKA Sparkler. Sparkler snake! Sparkler snake, I like that! [LAUGH] Word. I'm feeling it. New Twitter handle, when you need one. At Sparkler Snake. You guys can tweet me at Sparkler Snake. Very professional. I'm sure you can get that at if you wanted. Yeah. okay, I have a question for you two fine gentlemen. How many iPhones did you preorder? 303. That's, way more than I thought you'd need. [LAUGH] But, what about you Ariel? Nothing yet. Not yet. No. My contract is up in January so I'll probably do it then. Oh so, that's, that's the beauty of it. Like if you, you know, you gotta be laid back like [UNKNOWN] when it comes to tech. You really do. Mm-hm. You really do. Cause if you, if you let yourself fall victim to all the chaos of pre-ordering, standing in line, you cavemen who stand in line still, I don't know who you people are. Right. You know, like, just wait a couple of weeks, and you're gonna be fine. Yeah, when they fix all the bugs, and Yeah, dude. get it all nice and polished. They've made 48 million iPhone sixes and six pluses. They're sitting in a factory at Fox Con just waiting to get distributed throughout the planet. A six plus like, that, that's very, the shipping date just flipped to October already. Yeah, OK. And there are people that are irritated about it. October. I know. It's like, get off it. I haven't had a new phone since the 3G so I'm just like, well. I really don't care. So you didn't pre-order it? I did pre-order. [LAUGH] I got, I got a regular one. Oh, you did? Mm-hm. I didn't go with the plus. You know what? You, I think you might have done the right job, the right thing, the right move. Because. I don't know, I've been looking at, like, those cutouts of the 6 plus. Mm-hm. And I'm kinda starting to think that that plus is gonna be wacky tall. But the other thing about it like because it has the weird apps. Like it's not when you turn it sideways i's got the kind of iPad ish kind of feel. Yes that well not to mention it's, it's too much money. It's yeah that too. And the idea of it's like okay this was gonna have its own special unique kind of interface that's gonna be different than every other thing. Right. So I don't know if I want to bother with that. It's just like after a while dude turn the iPad mini into a phone. Call it day. Yeah like I got the smallest iPhone. Well six. And I've got the big I-Pad. When this is all said and done you'll be able to do like a frigging lineup. You know. Like a frigging panorama lineup [CROSSTALK]. It's at least 43 megapixel panorama. And they're just gonna grow by, like, half an inch until you get to the I-Pad. And it's just, it's ridiculous. Eh, the Samsung approach. So many of them. Alright. You, we were talking earlier about how foolish it is to, like, wait in line for something. That is true. When was the last line you waited in? All right, I do have an answer for that. It was November, I wanna say 22nd of 2005. So guess what that was for? November 2005. It was for Thanksgiving, at your house. Yeah, they were giving out free turkeys at Target. [LAUGH] I just couldn't help it and I stayed overnight. In a, in a tent. That sounds about right. To wait for my 14 pound turkey. In November that's like Xbox. It was Xbox 360. 360? 360. Yeah. That was way back in 2005 dude. Yeah it was. Isn't that crazy? That's nine years, it's gonna be nine years. Yeah, the last line I was in was random, I was just walking by an Apple store, I'm like, there's a new operating system, like ok, I'll just wait here. I had nothing to do. How long did you wait? A half an hour. It wasn't like I was there forever. But there was a guy that was handing out like, like app passes, oh look I have a new app, I have a new app. And this guy stopped and he points at me the guy who's handing them out, he goes, I know, you, yeah, you're Iaz. I didn't say that. Because I know you. You reviewed my site, and I'm like OK. Where is this gonna go? Yeah, cause he's still pointing at me at this point. I'm not going anywhere. I'm in a line, so. Yeah. When somebody's pointing at me like this and they're still doing it. He goes, well, thanks for giving us coverage and I was like Oh. You're welcome! Nah. Nope. Stop pointing at me. [LAUGH] I don't know it was just like very odd. Have you, what was the craziest thing you waited on, in line for, Ariel. It's been a while I waited in line for a product. But, you've done it. I've done it. I've done it. Yeah. For sure. Probably some Jordan's or something like that- Yeah. But I don't do that anymore. Was it a sneaker? I- Yeah. Most likely sneakers. I used, I had friends who waited in line in Brooklyn for sneakers. [CROSSTALK] Yea,I think it's done now. Yea,It's just [UNKNOWN] I think you just grow up after awhile even though the make up of these things are men in their late 30's.>>Word [UNKNOWN] [CROSSTALK] The idea ,They want to be a part of something. Right>>OK>> [CROSSTALK] And then like.>>I get a [UNKNOWN] All universally imperial [UNKNOWN] agree. That the iPhone waiting thing is just so. Ridiculous. Out of vogue. it's like okay. People are still selling those spots. That's the other thing. People sit there so they can sell at the last minute. Which I still don't. Why would you pay a 25. There's one guy who's actually selling for 2500 dollars his spot. It's like how we kill things. That's what we do. That's what American culture does. It like. Just obliterate something until it's so, you know, barren of any integrity it just shrivels up and dies. And that's what we've done to iPhone waiting in line things. Hurray America. Yay, we win again. okay. We've got a great show for everyone today, we have an email directed towards Ariel Nunez. Okay. That we will get to. It is most certainly relevant. And, yeah. Let's, let's jump right in. What have we got here, man? We've got the story that, that blew up yesterday. It was, how to ruin Batman with one photo. It's got a picture of the Batmobile that got released, by, Zack Snyder. He's directing the Batman/Superman movie. Right, 'cuz he's deserving of that. It's written by our buddy, Chris Plant, 404 alum. Cool, didn't know that. Yeah, well, now you know something, I guess. Well, the thing, the subheadline is why did the Batmobile have a turret? And he's really upset about the idea. Batman doesn't kill people. Why does. Sure. He have a hood mounted machine gun? And the comments on this are freaking phenomenal, to the point where he had to write an update saying I get it, I'm sorry. It's Maybe they will see, we complied them in this article, and here your commenters have failed to clarify points in this argument. Yes, Batmobiles have had weapons in the past, each goes on about this. Right. I think, you know, he kinda did a little back, a little bit of back pedaling too. Obviously, this is, I think, the Verge is starting to do stuff like this, where they, they just, their like talking about it, I mean we all do it. We just write about Batman and crap like that. hm, It's just like the way. Things are going. It's, it's just the Buzzfeed-ing of the entire Internet. But, it's, it's, you know, he did, he did write that and then when I saw it, it was, like, two days ago or yesterday. Mm-hm. And when I saw it, I was, like, I was, like, Chris, you know, I almost, like, IM'd him, I was, like, dude, you're, like, come on, you're wrong. Every Batmobile pretty much since the 70s and 80s has had weapons in it. I freaking love the comments, one guy was like rubber bullets, I did a search for them, like somebody is going to write rubber bullets. Well the reason why that dude probably said rubber bullets is because there was actually a lot of controversy when Arkham Knight in new. A Batman video that is coming out in June from Rock Steady. The guys who actually make amazing Batman games. there's, you get to use the Batmobile in the new game, and it has this rubber bullet cannon. Now, I don't know how like the laws of physics work when it comes to like rubber bullets << Thankfully, I've never had to, come face to face with one. << Yet. << Yet, I will. << You could stand in line for that. << For the purpose of, I would stand in line to get shelled. But you know what? I've been shot by, like, paint balls, and I can't imagine it being that, different. << I don't know how fast and small these damn things are. << It hurts. Being shot with a paintball- << I've been shot with a paintball before. << Yeah. << But not this. << It sucks. So yeah, like you get shot with something like this. But it doesn't need to be cannon loaded. You know what I mean, like It's a rubber bullet, not an RPG. Well, I mean, he was taking on Superman. Ok, so, maybe it makes sense why he's got a giant fricking gun. I mean it's not gonna do anything to superman. Right because, superman's the coolest. [LAUGH] Yes he is the coolest, that's the, that's what makes his impenetrable, it's just he's so cool. he's got an aura. He's like the Fonze. Yeah, he's just cool, he's got like those independence day shields. Oh, going all over. Anyway, so this whole thing it made a big stink on the internet. Made a poopie on the internet. :Like a snake. Just like a snake on your birthday cake. And yeah, you know, I mean Chris has always kinda done stuff like this where. You know, like, one of the pull quotes is Batman is downgraded from a genius detective to a rich bro with a tank. That's just so sensational and click-baity and awesome. [CROSSTALK] You can do whatever you want on the internet now. Yeah, I don't think Batman is ruined by this. I think, though, if you're going to say that with one image, you could have just done that with. With Ben Affleck. I mean, that's enough. Yeah. But, eh, we'll see. We'll see. I still have very sub-mediocre, you know expectations for this, for this flick. Yeah, that's a good word for it, sub-mediocre. Sub-mediocre. Yeah. That's your outlook on it, yeah. It's like, I'm expecting a 4, [LAUGH] you know, out of 10. Wow. That's high. I'm thinking like two. Man, so this guy did the last Superman movie. Yeah. He did Man of Steel. Which I've been catching in bits on HBO. It is bad. Well, It is very bad. Superman's a bright, vibrant character. What does Ax Snider do? He's like, take down all this [CROSSTALK] It's like a noir film. It's freaking dark. And, you, you haven't finished the thing yet, huh? Nah, it's, I'm just not gonna [CROSSTALK] front to back. The fact that Superman's basically killing everybody all the time. Oh, he kills people. Well he's, he doesn't seem to care when he's fighting the bad guy, and they're like blasting through buildings and stuff. He's just kinda like, I gotta take care of this guy. He's not worried that he's like destroying stuff. Even like the Hulk had more sense in the Avenger's movie, he's like, I've got to protect people But this is Superman. [INAUDIBLE] But, that's a whole other thing. Man, this whole thing is not working for me. Just been disappointed by entertainment media a lot in the last week or so. Did not like the season premiere of Sons of Anarchy. I haven't seen it yet. Didn't like it. So I shouldn't watch it, thanks. Like I've, was, almost disgusted. It's in the last season though. So. Yeah, well. They gotta wrap this stuff up. See how it goes. I'm really excited to watch it, so now I'm going to have my expectations set. Oh they're low, they're low. We should talk about it off the show maybe. okay. Let us move on. With the MSI laptop doc. Have you ever doc-ed with a laptop. Not that I think bad. I think that, I had a doc way back in the day. I used to love doc-ing with ThinkPads. This sounds like the, the worst euphemism ever. Naw man it's all about docking these days. Yeah so this thing, MSI's got this big freaking box that you can attach it to your laptop. And it's basically like a freaking PCI box. The best graphics card in here. You can attach it to your lap top. Is this stupid or cool. I mean, you you play a lot more games than I ever will, So I see why you'd want to do it even if you were a video editor or something. it just looks like you've, you're putting a laptop on top of a desk top. But is this necessary? Well, what would be the point. Just get the desktop. What's the point. Why didn't I just buy the desktop? I, I don't understand. Yeah. That's the thing. I don't get it. I'm like, is this, maybe I'm just not the target. I just like, I don't get it. What does this do? So, this box, itself, will, can take like a Radis graphics card and you can attach it to your laptop. Oh I see. But now you can actually power your laptop with this crazy graphics card. So wait, so, so we're looking at a laptop on top of a box. Yeah. It's like, this is really not leaving much to the imagination. Very exciting. So why A, did I buy the laptop? And B, can I somehow. Couple, both of the components and like make it even more powerful that it's like a laptop, desktop, hybrid? I have no idea. That'd be cool. This is very stupid. Yeah, it's like super cool I, I need to [UNKNOWN] to check it because I think it's kind of dumb. Yeah I, you know, I don't know Like who's the audience for something like this. But, so, and the site does make gaming laptops so. Yeah. They make good gaming laptops too. That's what the weird thing is. Hm. It's weird, it's very strange. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, though. [LAUGH] Very bizarre. okay, we have a few other bits and pieces of news to fill up this Friday. Here's our science section of the show. Yes. Are you excited? Okay Dr., Dr. Akhtar, what do you have to say? [INAUDIBLE] add the title. Okay so there was there's this thing at UCLA. They they've identified a gene in fruit flies. It's called AMPK and if they gave the fruit flies more of this stuff, it increased their lifespans by 30%. So people are immediately thinking crap. We have a fountain of youth kind of thing going. It's just you could, but in humans its very different. We don't have a lot of this to use, but the idea of turning up the production that could lead to living an extra thirty percent. Are you the king of our time? You want to live for a very long time. I think most people do. But I don't underst, like we always do this we always have great success with some insignificant creature i.e. a rat, or a fruit fly You got to try the fruit flies Dude, fruit you talk, I mean at least a rat's got like. I don't know. You could like see it breathing whereas like a fruit fly's just, you just kill, you don't even care. They're just not even alive. They're, they're basically like large bacteria as far as I'm concerned. They moved from a six week life span to like eight, so wow. That's significant, but it's all relative so I feel like, you know, there's not a lot, like. An organism that has a six week life span, could easily be interfered with. Whereas you deal with a human being that's, probably supposed to live around 80 years these days. I don't know- Not supposed to, man I don't know, you Not hope for that. Alright are you afraid of the super, fruit flies that will survive for eight weeks. Oh yeah that kinda scares me. [LAUGH] Why does it scare you? You're gonna become immortal. Yeah. Fruit flies everywhere. Imagine hate flies imagine we did that by accident where we like gave life long sort of the accidental sort of immortal rat. Yeah we gave like some sort of like oh man awful like cockroaches immortality. I think that's that's already happened [LAUGH] I think that's why we test on these small things so. If it does happen, you're like, dead. Right. Otherwise, you're like, crap, what did I do? Why did I give immortality to this elephant that will trample me? Why did I give a healing factor to this gorilla? Bad idea. I want to actually learn a bit more before we go on making fun of this. So the gene is found in all living things? I'm not sure. Ok. Let's see. Well. And so, apparently the gene is more prevalent in a fruit fly? Yes. It was more than we have it. You would think if this, like, long life gene was in a fruit fly, it would live [LAUGH] longer than six weeks, anyway. No, not the case. Well, think of this, without it they'd probably be dead in, what? Two minutes. How do you even figure this out? How do you even realize? Like, oh man, AMPK, that's what it is. We gotta inject fruit flies with it. It's all right. It's, it's amazing. I'd assume extreme boring. Yeah, that's amazing. I'm so confused right now. It's very confusing. There's a gene that for life. It's like. Or, is it like a healing thing? I don't know what, the gene, the AMPK gene, what is it? Yeah, that's a good question, Ariel, what is its purpose in regular. Fruit fly DNA. It's a key energy sensor. So it actually knows about energy that goes on. It gets activated when cellular Hm. energy levels are low. So when you're energy's low it kicks in. Hm. So it's like an energy booster. It's like Energon. If you wanna like, if you wanna know the Transformers kinda thing. Human bodies have AMPK's Will. Though it's generally not in very higher levels. So the hope is that one day, activating it could help extend our lives as well, or at least protect us from age-related diseases. Okay. I'll, I'll invest in that. I don't wanna live forever, man. Seems like a bad idea. I don't wanna live forever, but maybe wouldn't it be cool if we could all just get to 100 and not have everything falling apart on us? It's amazing, some of the studies. I've, I've go, I was watching this 60 Minutes at the, did you see this? [CROSSTALK] You want to tell me what you saw? That the over 90 club, and how that is, like, the fastest growing demographic of people in the country. Are they being advertised to? no, but they should be. [CROSSTALK] Then I, I [CROSSTALK] [CROSSTALK] Because I'm 92, like, my grandma's 92 and she's, you know, she's, she's not. Didn't win fantastic, but she's still doing it. And it's just, it's just amazing. But the people that they were sort of profiling on 60 minutes, they were really with it. They were like jogging and exercising, and like bangin. And like doing stuff, you know? And they were, it's amazing how like, some people just have this. You know, pre disposition for it. And a lot of it was linked to drinking. That if you do drink somewhat regularly, the, the evidence, the statistics, the numbers supports that you might have a longer life. So if you haven't been drinking yet, just, drink a lot to catch up. And, and it actually said that people who did not drink. Also subsequently did not live as long. Like if you were one of those people who were like, I don't drink? There you go. Then I'm gonna live for a very long time. [LAUGH] You, right! Then I'm all set. Judging by your, your credit card statement. I realized that you know why my credit card bill's so freaking high? Cause I buy food there, too! I'm usually eating food there, too. I'm usually eating meals. I'm like you ****, I'm don't, I. To myself not you. Yeah. No I understand. Cuz, I call you a **** I'll let you know. Yeah. For sure. You'd be like Jeff this one's for you. [LAUGH] Man, I, you know, drinking sucks though. We were talking about this Ar, with Ariel Mm-hm. the other day, you and me, before the show starts. Like, yeah drinking's alright but it's just like when you wake up. It's the worst. The worst. And Yeah. you know I'm 30, I'm gonna be 33 in six months. Reo just turned 36.>> [UNKNOWN] No one know how old you are.>>35 next month.>>We're a median age of like 34 and a half. And we're just. Tim can you deal. Like when you wake up the next day. I just feel terrible.>>Yea,I'm super light weight now to.>>Yea>>But I had on my birthday. Well my birthday I had a lot. But the night before I had 1 drink and 1 shot. And though my whole, the whole first half of the next day, I was in pain. Wait a minute. That's it? You just, a shot? That's it. Just one drink, and one shot. What was it a shot of? Was it like a liquor drink? Yeah, it was like a mixed drink. And what was the shot of? It was some kind of, Dark liquor? Yeah dark, it was dark. Everyone, that's the rumor now. Like a whiskey or something like that. That's the rumor now that dark liquor gives you a worse hangover. I think you guys are doing it wrong. You have to feel like crap in the morning. Well I, I pound water, too. Yeah, that usually works. Yeah, it does. I have decent- I think it really depends how sober you are before you go to sleep. For sure. Because if you are just like, passed the hell, you're gonna wake up and your is all bent, you just kind of laid there. You know what I found too, also when I'm- if I go to bed. Inebriated. I'll wake up early. Cuz I think that's just like the way it works. You go to bed. Let's say you're drunk. You go to bed at 1 in the morning. I'll wake up at 6 with a headache, but I find if I wake up at 6, take a few Advil. Go back to bed, drink a thing of water, I'll wake up and I'll almost be fine. I've done that before. That's a marvelous little. Is it a life hack. It's a marvelous and terrible way to live your life. Yeah when your ninety and you're banging old ladies. What do you mean? I have to wait till ninety to do that. No i guess not you don't have to. Go for it now if you want to. You can find Jeff right here in the office. Sick that i like a success baby meme right there. Ooh, all right, I'm glad we cleared that up. That was insensitive, I apologize. I'd like to hear all the stories of people's hangover cures. Wouldn't that be nice? Yeah. You're gonna delay your aging process with a gene, and figure out how to get rid. The hangover. That's the next thing. That's the next thing. Yeah, you could live forever and also here's the cure for a hangover. What if you could live forever, but every morning you wake up with a hangover? Does it go, does it go within, during the course, course of the day? Yeah, and some days are better than others. No. Yeah, that's you wanna die. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Cause that's usually what happens when I have a hangover, I want to die. It's like, no, all the noise, all the, no, no- I actually, this is a pathetic story, but. In my 32nd year of life, I had the worst hangover of my life. And I did it back in April. MY buddy got engaged. We went out to celebrate, and I don't know what happened. Maybe I just didn't have a big dinner. And I went out, and I didn't drink a lot, but I had a lot of craft beer, high alcohol content. Mm-hm. Maybe took a shot or two and it was the worst Sunday of my life. Like it ruined, it ruined not only did it ruin my whole Sunday, it ruined like Monday and half of Tuesday, also when I worked. [LAUGH] Wow. That's bad. That's pretty bad. Yeah, this not one of the. to part ways with me. My worst hangover I mixed pretty much every kind of alcohol in the course of the night. And I topped it off with some kind of apple brandy. I was like why the hell am I having an apple brandy at 2 in the morning. Oh yeah, and what's after that? Jack and coke. No problem. Champagne, sure. So I woke up the next morning, and I was in Miami, I started in Miami, so still in Miami. And it felt like somebody had taken a giant wedge and pounded it into my brain. Oh. I felt like my brain had split and I was like, okay. Then I woke up at six, found some water, and then I just chugged it, and then just passed out again. Yeah. Woke up three hours later, it's like, oh, I feel great. Right? I could run a marathon. No, I could never do that. [LAUGH] That's, that's just nutty. Not so. okay. Gaming news for the day. Grand Theft Auto 5, [INAUDIBLE] a rock star, came out this morning and said, hey, you know that next gen version of Grand Theft Auto 5? Well, guess what? Xbox One and Playstation 4 owners will be able to play Grand Theft Auto. Five on their consoles November 11th, 18th rather. Good for you guys. That is pretty awesome. There's actually new content as well. There's exclusive content for each one? So it's not that it's exclusive content, but they're gonna give you new weapons, vehicles, and activities which. Sound okay. The activity stuff is maybe kind of cool, cuz that kinda builds in more gameplay, but the weapons and activity, the weapons and vehicles are, whatever. Additional wildlife, like more deer and ****. Fantastic, for when you want to go hunting in the middle of the? Well, there is a hunting side of activity in the game. [CROSSTALK] so you're e saying you've played? [LAUGH] No, is there a camping activity? No. Camping, no, it's just Is there like a playing a video game in the video game activity? There's a little bit of that. There's denser traffic. Which is actually a kind of a cool technical improvement. You know, more realistic life, city life, more cars on the road. Don't you wanna escape reality when you do this. No, no, no, but it's just, when I think denser traffic I think oh I could bang into more things now. Okay. That's kinda cool. New foliage system. Ha ha. It's a talking point. I want to keep that in every, if I ever write any press releases I'm going to make sure that's. I know what that is. New foliage system. Enhanced damage and motor effects, too. I reached out to my buddies at Rockstar, because, we'll they're not my buddies, I just like saying it, cuz I think they're cool. But no, I, I reached out and I was like, hey, you know, can we get some clarification. And I got back this very, like, rigid, like, thanks for your interest. Jeff will have more information soon. [LAUGH] no, but, you're going to have, a lot to play because you can also carry over your, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 online profile. So, if you've made a lot of headway in the online campaign, that'll carry over. To me, I think that's pretty cool. Also, there's 100 new songs. That's. Great, there's a hundred new songs on the radio. If you're playing this game for a really long time- You will get sick- Yeah. Of hearing the same songs again. So, and there's new DJ miss, mixes. They have like all kinds of celebrities on the thing. Obviously, you know, everybody knows how I felt about GTA five. Anyway, I also reached out and said look, you know they're supposed to have single player extensions. There is supposed to be a single player DLC coming down the pike, and they've been very cryptic and mysterious about it, and I'm told that they will be announcing something soon about GTA5. Single player deal, see, and that is like the big thing everyone's waiting for. They've got a couple of months to trickle out the news and get really [UNKNOWN] for November. See, I thought we would see it by the end of this year. I think now we're probably just gonna get like a major announcement about that DLC which I would imagine would be significant by talking. Multiple hours worth of content. I think we're going to find out just what the hell that is pretty soon. I mean I know there's only about three and a half months left in 2014 but this is something that I'm anticipating highly. Finally, there is a bit of a downer in in, amongst the relatively positive news. If you were looking forward to playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC, the PC version actually got delayed to January 27. Which isn't catastrophic. But it's certainly a delay. It's a whole quarter, they're delaying it. So that's kinda a bummer, because the whole PC gaming modding scene is super mega popular with Grand Theft Auto. So there's going to be a lot of Reddit fights. Because the console guys will have it first. Right, and they're gonna get it first. They, and, you know, you can only really mod very top level, with consoles, I still don't even really understand how people are doing it but the PC mods of GTA IV were just amazing. I can only imagine what the GTA V mods are going to look like. That's gonna have to wait for January. We gotta use this as our, our image. For today. Oh, yeah. Well, well that and it'll just say below it, new foliage system. [LAUGH] Like that's what I'm gonna do. For the audio, people, this is a, shot of a mime about to be, hit with a bat. Yeah. Dude, look. I just can't say enough stuff about how much I love GTA 5. Did you even play it? No. Did you, you didn't play it? No. You, you're just living in the past. [LAUGH] I don't know. It's like what are you waiting for? So you're not a gamer? Is that what we've decided? We've discussed that. Yeah, that sucks. [LAUGH] I, I will game for the show. Thank you. Alright. I will make it my job. Great. << I'm glad settled that. There's a lot, we're getting through a lot today. Speaking of getting through a lot, let's get through this, email from Eric H. What's up 404? this one's for Mister R-E-L. << oh. << oh. Now, I might have missed an explanation for this, but since he's come back from his latest vacation, I've noticed he's no longer wearing any of his many hats. I'm not complaining or anything. But inquiring minds want to know, what is this, and does this have to do with someone stealing them all? [LAUGH] Did he have some weird head surgery that prevents him from wearing hats? Is this some new company policy? Or did he make a quote, unquote grown man choice. [LAUGH] Can no longer wear them. I know I had my very own grown man choice when I hit 30. There were two things I immediately did after hitting 30. That was giving up my ring of Wu Tang rings that I had for many years. Bad call. You gotta wear that. You got a Wu Tang ring? You have a ring? No, I don't. I'm telling him he needs to put that back on. Ring? Or give it to me. Wu Tang. I think I had, I still have Wu Tang shirts. I mean, come on. So that's the Wu Tang ring. That's pretty awesome! Dope, man! Although that, I don't know about being 30 and wearing that. [CROSSTALK] The thing is, I don't know if a lot of people know what it is anymore. Yes, they do. No, I'm just saying it's not weird like, if somebody mainstream sees it and like, they do know it's Wu-Tang. They're like, that's Wu-Tang. They'll throw up like the Wu-Tang sign. They'll know it's nothing to [INAUDIBLE] with. Exactly. It's funny he's like yeah so I got rid of that and I got a real watch. [LAUGH]. It's an eco dry watch that he wants to promote. To enter his adult phase. Now as much as he acts as much as I act as an adult is debatable but I consider that my official passage to adulthood was remove was the removing of the ring. Mm-hm. [LAUGH] And the patching of the eco drive watch. This is very enlightening. Yeah. Just wondering where did all the hats go? Love the show guys. Atlanta from Eric H. [INAUDIBLE] So you know, what happened? Bill, what happened? Spill it. I still have all my hats. And I still wear a hat daily. I just don't wear it during work anymore. And yeah that was, I mean, that might change. [LAUGH] I've done this before. Oh you have? Yeah. I've gone through phases where I just take off the hat for a long time and then. And then say just put it back on. But yeah, it has to do with me turning 36. It's like, I can't be sitting at my desk looking like a teenager anymore. I mean- You know? I don't think, I never once saw anyone in the office wearing a hat and being like, **** this guy. He's wearing a hat- Yeah. Like, I, that never crossed my mind. I could understand. Where you, like, become self reflective about it though. Mm-hm. Mm-hm. And that, and that makes sense to me. Well, you know, there are ti, like yeah, I could probably sit at my desk, where a hat and no one'll think anything. And a lotta people don't care here. But there are times where you should take off the hat Yeah. at work. You know, like if you're, if you walk into a conference room, you know, you're gonna, look weird walking in there wearing a hat. You know. Right. Like, yeah. No, you're right. So, I don't know. I just wa, I'd just rather just. Leave it off for now at work. And you're blessed with the, with the type of haircut that you can just get away with that. Yeah whatever.>> You know, like he's always looking fine, you know.>> [LAUGH] Thank you. When I put a hat on, that's the decision for the day. [LAUGH] The second I take my hat off, I look like a crazy person. Right, right. I look. Crazy. So, alright, are you thinking about moving to a different style of hat, should the hats come back. Fedora, are you a fedora guy? I, I used to wear fedoras, I used to wear every kind of hat imaginable. but. the cowboy hat. [LAUGH] You are definitely one of those rare people who could pull off a fedora. Yeah I need to get one. That's rad. Thank you, but thanks for notice. There you have it, I love it, Eric H. The weird thing is oil changes something every episode, so. It's like hidden pictures. It's a game and the audio people are getting it real easily. Yeah, I'm not wearing pants right now, so that's what I did this week. [LAUGH] No pants. Pants are optional. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] All right everyone. That's going to do it for us. Thank you so much for tuning in this week. Five shows this week. Not bad. We'll try and make it, at least four or three next week. We'll see what we can do. We'll see what the schedule is. We got lucky this week. 866-404-CNET, give us a phone call, leave us a message. Tell us what you think of the show, tell us what kinds of hats you wear. Ok. And your hangover stories. You're hangover stories. I want to hear the hangover stories. And whether or not you want to live forever. [LAUGH] Follow us on Facebook, instagram, twitter, and all that junk. Join the subredit, comment, share, up vote. Do all that stuff. We're back here on Monday with a brand new program. Until then, I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Iyaz Akhtar. I'm Ariel Nunez. This has been the 404 Show. High tech, low brow. Have an awesome weekend, we'll seeya next week. [MUSIC]
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