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The 404: The 404 Show 1,543: Apple's invite has our minds in the gutter (podcast)
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The 404: The 404 Show 1,543: Apple's invite has our minds in the gutter (podcast)

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Bridget Carey joins us to talk all about living rocks, Disney's drone dreams, and the truth about Hello Kitty.

So Bridget, we don't really talk that much, in real life. I guess not But it seems like anytime we do talk, we have But I thought I talk to you Well you sit well on the other side. You're like next to REL and that's basically, I"m not going anywhere near him. [LAUGH] During the course of the day. It's understandable. And so, but we do talk. They're like, they're pleasant conversations. It's very odd. You have yet to have that feeling to punch me in the face yet? No. Not yet. I, I, I just think intimidated by how cool you are, like the cool new guy, you know? I don't. I'm the, like. I'm a new guy only to New York. That's the weird thing. Cause I moved here in June, but I was in the San Francisco office since January. So like I've been the new guy twice at C-Net. It's like I don't know how else I can be the new guy here unless they move me to another spot, like when they put me on this show, when I became a new guy for the third time. You should be permanently just the new guy. That's That's a great title to have. There you go. Stay fresh. Anyway, let's see how this thing goes, what, what day is today? Today's thursday. It's August 28th and this is the 404. [MUSIC] Welcome to the 404. Jeff Bakalar is on vacation. Or he might be spelunking. I don't know what he's doing today. He might be playing hockey. He could just be hiding on the corner over there as far as I know. [LAUGH] I have no idea where he is. But I'm filling in, I'm Iyaz Akhtar. Ariel Nunez over there on the board and. My camera is working today.>> Aah. And we didn't wear matching shirts today last time I was, I was anchoring, I was wearing a blue shirt and [UNKNOWN] wearing a blue shirt and you're wearing pink today. I'm wearing pink today I didn't get the memo. Well Bridget's here and she's matching you today, because you're both wearing blue again. This is more of a teal actually I would say. No. Perhaps, perhaps an aqua marine you know. I don't know [UNKNOWN] a teal, a teal is more of a greenish. > Hue to it. Teal no, teal could be more on the green or the blue side it depends, I don't know maybe like a sea foam you know, I'm not, I'm not in that range is what you're thinking of, ha ha ha. Yeah, sea foam's a little lighter. As someone who had to plan a wedding that had teal in it I learned many different variations of turquoise. And aquamarine [LAUGH] 'cos that was my color. Because you know all about those colors. I only know colors because I used to like comic books so much, and I'd be like designing costumes and things, and I'd be like, this color doesn't go, and I'm trying to find a crayon. This is how, thanks to Crayola, they weren't Pantone colors, so I have no idea if they were accurate. But you do know your forest greens, compared to your other greens, right. My forest green? I thought you said four greens, I'm like what's four greens, are there four, only four greens? [LAUGH]. Did I miss something? Not in the 64 pack. Ok [LAUGH] big boy crayon. Well we start the show now, with Areal; the camera things been on Areal the whole time I'm not really sure why, but... Is it? I think so. Yeah. Oh, oh, okay. There you go. The best intro ever on the video. No on here it's not though. Oh okay, [UNKNOWN] then it seems to be weird on that. So anyway if you're listening to the audio of this you have no idea what I'm talking about, doesn't make a difference anyway to you [LAUGH] But we do start off with REL. And, and what Jeff likes to do with our, is I'll ask him to pick a topic that's trending on Twitter or Facebook, and what, what I like to do is mess with Ariel differently, by asking him to guess what this trending topic is. I'm going to Twitter this time, and, so, Okay. I'm gonna give you a hashtag, I want you to explain to me what you think is actually going on with the hashtag. Gotcha. Alright, so we've got, Today is National Bow Tie Day. Ariel, what do you think this hashtag mean? [LAUGH] Wow, it's so hard. Everyone's wearing bow ties today? I don't think that means everyone's wearing bow ties. I think this means it's National Bow Tie Day. Meaning you have to respect bow ties today. That's right. Today's the day, not. Today. Give a gift of bow tie. Today is Bill Nye's national holiday. [LAUGH] Or he's the guy that looks normal today. [CROSSTALK] of Orville Redenbacher, rocking that. How about respect your local bow tie? [LAUGH] Your local what? If you're foreign, forget it. Okay let's go with 54 million strong. What do you think 54 million strong means? That is. How much the ALS ice bucket challenge has made so, so far, yes? You know I should've really looked, looked this up before I'm looking for tweets here's some pictures, they are safe for work, looks like some kinda concerts, Justin Bieber, the relationship we have with Justin is unlike any other, they can't stop us. Oh no. Hashtag fifty-four million strong, does he have fifty-four million twitter followers? Is that what's going on? Yes. He's wanted in 54 million. 54 million Twitter accounts following Justin Bieber. That's amazing. 54 million reasons not to follow Justin Bieber. 54 million what. [LAUGH] Are you not one of the 54 million. I can't say I'm a, what do they call themselves. Bieber. Bielibers. Bielibers. Not a- [LAUGH] Belieber. Belieber, you could say. I had my, my niece explain to me what a Justin Bieber was. Cuz I was like, what, what is, what are you singing? She was like, it's Justin Bieber. I'm like, what is a Justin Bieber? [LAUGH] I've never heard of this guy. This was several years ago, but. I was gonna say. [LAUGH] Not for, not, not recently. It's like, you, you can't escape Justin Bieber. Sorry, Al. You did a decent job. All right. Thanks. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Congratulations. And next time that we do this game it'll be totally different, okay, so let's go with the click bait, shall we? Let's do it. Bridget if you don't know I run the front door of C-Net so I get to see what the top stories of C-Net are, so this is like what's trending on C-Net. And normally it's, it's me and Jeff going, facepalm it's Apple. It's iPhone 6 storage, oh it's iPhone 6 rumors. It's always Apple. Shockingly the top story yesterday was Mystery Solved the Sailing Stones of Death Valley. Do you know anything about the sailing stones of Death Valley? I saw this headline and I didn't realize there was such a mystery of stones that moved in the desert. Fascinating [LAUGH] Yeah, people are like, how are the moving? Are there dust devils? Are there hurricanes? I know. I've been losing sleep over moving rocks. Yeah, this has been, this has been plaguing me, too. This has been a nightmare of mine, you know, and I've been curious why on earth this has been happening. Actually, not even at all. Not even a tiny bit. But apparently lots of people who went to CNET wanted to know this story. What, what, how this resolved. And it turns out that some researchers in 2010, or, 2011, they were allowed to bring their own rocks to this field because they were not allowed to G GPS tag the native rocks. Don't touch the nature rocks. [LAUGH] I know that's, this is, this is a little bit much. You know, it's like usually don't feed the, the, the animals. But don't tag the rocks. They didn't. This is kind of like that like Star Trek rule of don't interfere with the culture. Yeah, kind of. I like, like top priority. So, so they put these tracks on these non-native rocks and it turns out that through a series of perfect events. So there has to be. The area's gotta fill up with water, it's gotta be deep enough to form floating ice during winter and shallow enough that the rocks are exposed, and so what happens is when the temperature drops at night, the pond freezes into thin sheets, and then the rocks move about like, inches per hour, and that's why people have never seen them move because it's almost imperceptible unless you know what you're looking for. Now this mystery is solved. It turns out these rocks are kind of skating on ice. Thank God we know the mystery. I know. You know this is a great way to really start a show, moving rocks. I know moving rocks. This is engaging entertainment video. [LAUGH] We've had Justin Bieber, we've had moving rocks. And, and that is the story that everyone wanted to click. That is click bait. And I have no idea. I want to show these guys the exciting video. You want to, let's get more exciting. Alright. Watch this video right now. If you can see it, you don't know what you're looking at. You see this thing moving? That's a rock. If you listen to the audio it's just as exciting to watch as it is to listen to. It's literally a rock moving about several inches. And that is [unknown]. But it is like hyperlapped and that's trendy now. That's trendy. [laugh] You and your, your, your apps from Instagram. All one of them. Right.>> So you've been watching the Simpson's marathon.>>It's pretty much all I've been doing. I mean, yeah, kind of obsessed, haven't stopped. And every time I get a second, I mean I haven't fille dup my DVR. Trying to, you know, not completely crash my DVR, you know. But every time I'm home, yeah. I was, I was a huge Simpson's fan when, like, the, when it first came out which is not that long ago. Twenty something years, and, and, I was, I, I watched the DVDs all the time. I had them ripped to my server. I'd watch the episodes over and over again and I noticed. Then on Reddit, so many people are like, discovering the Simpsons for the first time. All of these jokes are popping up everywhere. So I'm like, I'm culturally relevant again cuz these obscure Simpsons references, I understood that reference. I like, spent my childhood after school just watching reruns over and over after school and. It's amazing to watch it now, cuz I didn't own the, the episodes like, like you so I really only saw them years ago. And it's funny how fresh it still is in my head. I can like finish some of the punchlines. I love it. It just brings you back and it makes you realize how great all the episodes were and how well it was written back then. Gosh. So if you guys don't know there's a, there was a marathon the thing was running out today. This is the last day it's happening, so like twelve straight days of the Simpsons. Today's the last day? No. We're at twelve. No, it's, no, don't, no, I don't, I don't know, oh my gosh. I think some reviews. I have to leave now. It might be that some sites have stopped reviewing these things but. Turns out that there's 12 days of Simpsons running on FXX. Because they have the rights to the Simpsons and which is weird because FXX is owned by Fox, which is owned by News Corp. But they have the rights to the Simpsons. So they ran every single episode back to back, nonstop for several days. But there's a controversy brewing, because their showing the old SD episodes, that were originally in four, three, and 16, 9. And what their doing. Video aspect ratios if you have no idea what I'm talking about. A huh. And so they crop the video so you miss out on part of the jokes. I didn't realize this until you told me that. I, I'm watching not thinking about how, back then they didn't have HDTVs and, and why is it stretched out and yeah they, they, I don't know why they didn't just put bars on the side. That is, that just bothers me cuz there's so many jokes like that made the DVD's way more interesting and like you would hit pause and try to read these extra things that are going on but like in this still they're showing, or this animated gif, there's like Lisa Simpson. This is the episode where, you know which episode this is? Where Lisa I think I remember that. Which episode is this. Ariel do you know which episode of The Simpsons this is? NO. I remember the look of it, like like. Yeah, it looks familiar. He always on some you know, crusade to save the world and so theres the image of nuke the whales and ha ha ha ha. Yeah nuke the whales, bomb the indians and take their casinos and the bumper sticker that's, that's cut off by the [UNKNOWN]. Is bomb the Arabs and take their oil. Now this episode, I remember this episode, this is actually when Lisa is going out with Nelson Muntz and she's at Nelson's house, and these are Nelson's stuff on his wall. [LAUGH]. She's like nuke the whales? And he says, we gotta nuke something. That's what this episode is. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK]. There's some obscure knowledge that I will never get out of my head. You know the thing about The Simpsons is so many jokes. Are in the hidden plaques and signs that take a second to see. So, yeah, here's the, here's the sign on the very top of the screen that gets cut off, so that is a shame. That's lame that they did that and the other thing is like, if you got to the SD feed of FXX you don't get the SD version you get a letter boxed and pillar boxed version. So, you get even less of it, so it's really dumb that they didn't bother to keep. The sd version around, so this You know what, this was a gift to man kind, this marathon, so I can't complain, you know, thank god we have this Simpsons marathon right now, and for those people who have no idea what these jokes are, they'll at least get a little bit of a taste. Of, of the glory that is The Simpson. Geez, you're optimistic. Thank you. Why are you so optimistic today? Because watching a marathon for like several days of this just makes me just think in terms of The Simpson. I'm just, I'm just in love it. [LAUGH] Everything's happy. I'm just that homeward brain right now. Yes, MRT. Yes, MRT. [laugh]. So we've got stuff that's making people happy around the office anyway. Apple finally announced the September 9th event that was rumored forever is actually going to happen September 9th for the iPhone. I figure we should play a little [unknown] game here, what do you see in the invite.>> In the mysterious, always there's a clue in the invite, every time. Sometimes it's colorful. Sometimes, now it's just, wish we could say more is the tag line. For the audio listeners we've got like a, it's like a zoomed in part of the Apple logo where you can see the top of that, what would you call this piece? The little leaf-y. The leaf on the top. Leaf-y. The leaf-y on the top, excuse me. The technical term is leaf-y. And there's, there's like, you know, you can see the curve of the apple. And then underneath is like nine dot nine dot 2014. But the other text saying wish we could say more, period. See the curving in of the apple kinda looks like a but. It kinda does, agreed, agreed. I don't know where I'm going.>> Are they gonna like. Ha ha ha ha I told you something's on my brain ha ha ha. [UNKNOWN] apple moon you know Bart mooning someone or something. Ha ha ha ha So you think their gonna moon somebody, that, that is a way to. Say more without saying a lot. You know, they wish they could say more. But they're like facing away from you, if they're mooning you. Wish we could say more is such a sassy little phrase, like, you know, I wish we could tell you more. But I guess we just can't. And I'm, and I keep thinking of jokes like, well why can't you say more? Because everything's already been leaked online already? Or wish we could say more. But, you know, we're under, you know, contract. Or you know, what. Or, or maybe, you know this is gonna be a short presentation. Cause the place is booked afterwards, so we're gonna get out early. You know, we shouldn't say more. You know, I don't. No. I saw it. I'm like this looks like somebody who's desperate, who's like we'll just put a placeholder right now. And we know we have to write something pithy and cute and whatever. It's like okay we got the Apple logo and. Wish we could say more of what we're gonna say, we'll, we'll get something better eventually, we'll have something much nicer, something like, time for something new, because if it's a watch or something. Watch what we got in store, oh that would've been so easy. In store. So easy, you know or what, you know watch what happens, or yeah you know, just wait it's almost time, oh my god. They couldn't even give us that, they just couldn't. This is about setting low expectations I, okay, so now I can't un-see the bus so thank you very much, ha ha ha. Glad to be of service. Ha ha ha ha, I can't see it but it looks like, like it's gonna, it's perilously close to a surfboard of some kind and it's outta like. You know, it, it has this kind of like sandy look to it, almost like, like a rock moving in a desert. Back to rocks. It's gonna be that logo in a presentation. You're right. It's gonna like, okay, so we wish we could say more. I don't know, people have been asking Siri, you know, say more. And it doesn't do anymore other than say more. Hm Yeah. Yeah, I mean, there are rumors that, there'll be a, wearable, some time in the month. Do you think it's gonna happen at the same event as the iPhone though? It seems a little bit unusual, but why the heck not? We haven't been, like, shocked in a while. Yeah. I mean everyone is kind of holding their breath. And it seems that every tech company just gone to panic mode and released their smart watch news today. Because everyone is going to have to talk about Apple soon so we got to get our stuff out now even though we're not ready with the price or release date, but we have a smart watch too Samsung and LG. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Okay so, those watches came out, at least were announced today. There was the LGG watch. R? R for round, like. ha ha ha ha ha. Okay so there's GWatch R and then there's a Samsun Gear S, what the hell is with these, this naming convention, these are terrible naming conventions, the, I'm reading, I'm seeing G Watch R, I'm seeing the word gwatcher, like what is a gwatcher? You a Gwatcher? You gonna be wearing a Gwatch? [LAUGH] I haven't heard this yet. I'm just, okay, I'm just processing what you're saying. [LAUGH] The G Watch R. When I, once I see it together and I, my eyes are like, I'm kinda like, looking down at something else, look up. There's G Watch R. Looks like the word, Gwatcher. Gwatcher. Gwatcher. Gwatcher. G Watch R, S2 Live. It's Samsung. [LAUGH] So you just witnesses Bridget having a stroke on air, right now. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] talking about it in the office. We have a bunch of people talking about it in the office. Just listing the names of these and they're just impossible. And it's gonna confuse people. Okay, just since September of last year. Here's the sampling line up see if I can remember it, we have the Sampson Gear, the gear July the gear fit. [INAUDIBLE] But then we have the S. It's like, let's just hit you with so many different names that you don't even care what name it is you just know you need one, you know? It's very confusing for people. For Samsung I don't find that surprising. They throw like, they make thousands of products, and one of them sticks. Yeah, that's the one I really like. And Samsung's like, yeah, we make that one, of course we do. All of them. And this new one is an Android, which is even more confusing for people. It's Tyson, so. Oh, that's right. I think the one that you forgot is the one that was the one, the one, Android wear, whichever one that's called. Mm-hm. That one's live. Oh, that's a live. That one's live. And there's the Gear, Gear two, Gear Fit, the original Galaxy Gear is the one I forgot. So, it started with Galaxy Gear, then it dropped the Galaxy. So there you go. Let's forget about watches. Let's talk about Disney. Yes. [LAUGH] I like Disney. I'm, I'm aware, all you are like you got it, you got to keep the Disney story this is, the story about Disney, they have some patents about some drones, and they gonna have some drones around the, the park, and theoretically, they can be used for being floating projection screens, marionette supported by drones and a synchronized aerial light display with floating pixels. I think it's brilliant. If you, if, I'm a bit Disney obsessed so I know they're always on the cutting edge of like doing different things in the rides with animatronics and trying to like showcase different effects. I mean if you ever have gone and watched like their fireworks thing they actually have a Tinkerbell woman like fly across like on a zipline. they do a lot of weird special effects. They even had. A flying, fire breathing dragon. It was a very secret project. As a, as a, a big opening ceremony to their new fantasy world. But they never did it again. There really was like some sort of strange flying machine that they were testing out in some field and, and. They always are trying something new, so if they had a drone. I can see that maybe you could have some sort of line effect, while you're in a ride, and it's too quick for you to see, so it looks like somethings floating. Or yeah, when they have the fireworks show, what if there was something flying behind the castle, and you don't need that woman anymore, flying on a zipline, you could just bring Tinkerbell in on a drone. So you'll have a flying marionette Tinkerbell, or a really, really small person being held up by like, lots of drones. I'm for like, 10 drones and a person, that'd be kinda cool. A human marionette that would be, that sounds like something outta. Saw at this point. And it's also something that they could use on, on the other properties. Not just rides that imagine they're like cruise line, they could fly a drone far out into sea and do some show out to sea. Everyone watches it. There's all sorts of cool things that they could do. They have that wrist band thing where they can track you everywhere. So you could have your own personal drone like being your documentarian. Your trip to Disney World and there's your. Eighty-five different cameras floating around. Is it, well you see we all have a Jimeny Cricket you know who's happy to tell us. That's what the [UNKNOWN] called. And it's just hovering like your conscience always there to be your guide on where to find the next pizza joint. If that's not what they're doing with it, that's what they're going to be doing with it after this episode, that's insane. That's probably what they would do. They were always trying different things. Doesn't mean it always sticks, but, yeah, they, I mean, this sounds like they filed for something. It's not that they, wait, they actually see proof of it being created, right? Not yet. I mean, they, they have this kind of thing that routed out. The, the idea of this becoming real. Disney does, they do some really crazy stuff. Their robo, their animatronics. Bing is just nuts, far and away beyond a lot of the other things. If you're not, I watched a lot of Disney documentaries, I've been to Disney World a bunch of times, Mhm. I wasn't like in Florida like you were growing up. Yeah, it, it, it kinda helps that the diction when you grow up in Florida. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I'm actually jonesing a little bit, haven't been in in a while. Are, are you all jonesing for Disney? No. I'm not like a huge Disney fan, but I do, I do like it. I've been to Disneyland, never Disney World but I want to go to Disney World. You gotta win the Superbowl first, I think. We're like opposite. I gotta go to Disneyland. Yeah. Disney World. I've, I've been to both. Disneyland before they did the big expansion. So like before Cars, so there's Adventureland was there. With California adventures that was like. Yeah neat and everybody's got the giant word California in there. So what would everybody do. They would sit i the A hole. Oh [LAUGH]. There's a giant A. And they'd sit in the. I think I took that exact picture, but I didn't even think about that. That's Everybody did it. And everyone's like look, this is really clever and that's what happened. This episode's gone to hell, really. You know, you know Disney always had the great showcase of technology in innoventions in Epcot if you've ever been to Epcot back in the, what's it, in the, in the 90s there was always. Something and of course, I was there so many times that I forgot innoventions isn't really a word and I start using it in real life. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] And people were like no, that's not a word, no but yeah, they always had some robots in the home of tomorrow you know? [LAUGH] A great, big wonderful tomorrow. [CROSSTALK] So, so why not, yeah, so why not have drones in Epcot teaching us about the world of tomorrow. That. Well I thought you were supposed to be able to live there. Remember? Yeah. It's supposed to be a city. An experimental, prototype city of tomorrow? Community. Oh excuse me. Of tomorrow. It's basically America's, like, monument to the 80s. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] On what the future would be like. I really wish we had geodesic dome houses. Is, but we don't. [LAUGH] It's really irritating. [LAUGH] We should forget about this episode because there's this gas that let's you forget bad things. Or actually erase any memories. There's this, But isn't that just, like, called huffing? [LAUGH] Like, you lose brain cells. [LAUGH] That's true, but it's not necessarily targeted I think. I think that there's these, there's this story. These researchers at McLean or McLean Hospital in Massachusetts, they found a way to erase traumatic memories using xenon gases. So, I'm not sure how exactly, the, they get people to like, oh it works with PTSD, so I guess you gotta think about the bad event and then they treat you with gas. Is this like that Jim Carrey movie, Yeah. The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? That would be. [UNKNOWN] Would you actually remove a lot of your bad memories or would you be like now I can appreciate things because of it? No because it builds character and but I can, I can understand though if you have something traumatic happen. The problem is, is that the good gets erased with the sad, the reason you're sad is because was so happy and so good. So I'd hate to think that, everything would have to go away on, on a memory. Even if like, like I'll use an easy example, like, like someone, someone passes away or you break up with someone, but there was so much, so much good there, you'd have to forget them completely. And that's, and, and that I think is more sad. So I got realty there. Uh-huh. Can we go back to Disney? No. Let's go on an airplane. You're against that. That was far too deep for me right now. It's too early for that. Okay, lets talk about knee defender. Knee defender, know about it? I know about it. I don't believe in it. Okay. It's a real thing unlike Disney fairies and princesses. We've got That is real. Shh. There, there is this story that was blown up on CNN which, should knee defender be banned on flights. And this is a device that you can carry with you. Onto an airplane, you can like, kinda jam this in, into the seat in front of you. Which it does, it stops the person in front of you from reclining. So, and you, it has a bunch of different, settings, so they can recline a little bit, if you wanted. But it's, theoretically, defends your knees, so this person isn't slamming into you. And there was a huge argument on United Airlines where somebody used this, and they're like, you should take if off of that chair, sir. And he wouldn't do it. Cause he's a jerk. Yes. I'm sorry. This is, this is a very silly thing. You, you pay hundred of dollars for a flight, you have the right to eat you little bag of, of pretzels and recline your seat. It's the one thing we got left. We have to pay for everything, pay for our baggage, which is already underneath our, our, our seat. It's just. Give someone the little bit of pleasure, they're not doing, it's not that person's fault that there's a recline button, they need it to just have that relaxing moment. Blame the airline and the fact that we don't have a lot of leg room. Now, this is coming from someone that's not six foot tall, I haven't had my knees banged in, and I do recline, so [laughs]. Be like, it would just effect you if you're trying to recline, and you've never had problem with leg room, so hm. I hear people who are tall complain, but I'm thinking then, then pick the seat in front of the emergency exit or if you can't. Can't then suck it up. I, I, I don't know, I don't understand why this is such a problem that you have to be a jerk to someone else and cause a fight. But the lady who apparently was trying to recline did not like what was going on and threw a glass of water at him. For this. Not like that's gonna. I mean you're stuck on the same freaking, flying tin can for a several amount of hours. You think, it's going from what Newark to Denver. They had to stop in Chicago because of this mess. It's like, this seems like a really bad idea. This, it's almost it's. Would you say it's passive aggressive? If your like, I'm just gonna disable your chair? Yeah. I mean it's, it's just as bad as probably kicking someones chair. You know? I, and, and, and. This flight was diverted because they got into an argument, like can we talk about how much money is wasted over like somebody having a fight over a over, over this, like oh sorry the whole thing has to be turned around everybody has to be inconvenienced. You know, all this money now goes to waste. I just think it's weird that like we also just can't just tell them to. Sit down and hut up [LAUGH] deal with it so we can get on with the flight you know. They were both removed from the flight. It would've. [INAUDIBLE] cool it could go to Denver awesome because of these two idiots. And they're gonna be stuck in the same airport for a little bit too. So like it's just one of the weirdest like interactions you can have instead of going excuse me, you know you're really knocking into my knee. Would you mind moving up slightly? People are children and we forgot how to talk. Exactly. I mean we, we actually forgot how to just have a conversation with someone and go. Is it okay like, I try to do the little turn-back. it's not a full turn-back cuz I don't want to be like a creeper, like peering over the seat. But I do a little like, are they like in the middle of eating or something, am I gonna like slam it. Okay no, though good. Recline. You know, just, just do the look back or maybe speak up if something's hurting you. Like, you don't need to resort to this people. Sorry, I'm just, I'm just, it's not a story, another example of our progress is not really progress in humanity. [LAUGH] It is a great big wonderful tomorrow. We're just not there yet. Yeah. But yeah, when it comes to air, airplanes and movie theaters, I'm very much the guy who will sternly look behind him and then. See if the person is apologetic or not and more times than not I see the person just immediately gasp cuz they see me turn around, cuz like, oh no! Like, I'm in trouble cuz I'm like, at this point I guess I'm old enough. I'm, I look like an adult, so they, they're like oh, okay. They freak out. It's really kind of nice. Cuz they stopped doing stuff and and when it comes to. You mean like kicking your seat or something. Yeah, pretty much, like they know that I am furious right now and it comes across just from up here up. So, yeah, like the, yeah you can communicate a lot with your eyes. Just my eyes, yeah. I learned from Tool Time, you know. You got crazy eyes there, you know, was it Wilson? Yeah, Wilson the neighbor, right? He had a whole acting career just based on your eyes. Earl do you have crazy eyes? I can get some crazy eyes, but it takes a lot to make them come out. [LAUGH] You'll see it someday. Okay, I can't wait to make you have the crazy eyes. Cuz I didn't explain to the audio people what I was doing was that the area I was showing was just my eyes. Again, I'm like, from here on up cuz that's really very easy to discern when they're hearing just the audio. Yeah, you know, use your imagination. [LAUGH] From here on down. [LAUGH] Pelvic thrusting to get your point across. [LAUGH] You're, you're, you're in, in rare. You know, you were very quite in the office, too. This is really interesting. I should talk to you more. There is, there is so many things going on in my brain. [LAUGH] That the world just doesn't know. Okay, let's see, is there any other things that you wanna talk about at all? Anything bugging you right now? You know I, in today's update it's just, it's just smart watch overload I feel like, so like, that's, that's where my brain's been but I'm interested in this Dyson teaser, have you seen that? Dyson has a teaser even which of course is the same day as [UNKNOWN] 360 smart watch. September 4th right. Yeah, where like they look like they have their own take on the rumba so, I mean probably you know ten times the price but ha ha ha but they feel like they have come up with some perfect. Robot vacuum cleaner solution. Well that, there's let, let our teaser video. I'm trying to find it right now. It's kinda like form the perspective of the robot. Where you see people kinda looking up to it, tapping the power button. It's a little like, like interrupted with tech interference. So. So yeah, that'll be next week, Thursday. Yeah that thing, why are you into this product? Whatever it may be cause they haven't officially said anything but since Dyson more times than not comes out with vacuums, they had air blade and they had that air circulator which is a really fancy fan that's really frickin expensive. Mm-hm like 300 some dollars right? Yeah, cause it's a fan. You know they have good looking products, I. And they also were coming up with some way, they said, they haven't had one yet, but some sort of vacuum cleaner to pick up all the long hair that you can have in your house, without getting tangled in the brushes. So, I'm kinda excited when they do something different. But if it's the same thing as you can get, as a Rumba, or the competing product, the Neato, which I actually use, I actually like the Neato. So yeah, it's gotta give me more than just hover and bump into my furniture. Let's see what they can do. Maybe it's got a camera in it, seems like this teaser video. Because it's from the perspective of the robot, maybe it's recording everything we do in the house and it's gonna like, have it's own little like, Wall-E personality. [LAUGH] See, I, I have two dogs and they shed like crazy. And one of my dogs is allergic to dust mites. Mm. Dust mites can live in fallen dog hair. So like, I am all over vacuums. So I'm like, look I've got, I have a Neato and a Roomba because I have the two little, to little levels. So I have one taking care of one and one taking care of the other. And I'm like this better be a robot vacuum. Because nothing really is as good as an actual Dyson vacuum. That sounds like a commercial, because I, if I don't vacuum enough my dog gets an ear infection. So I'm going to pay for it one way or another. Either I'm buying a robot or I'm getting a dog's ear fixed. Which is way less fun. I'd rather buy a robot. Yes, yes. Get a robot and then name it. Something and then yeah. Did you name it Ether? No, I didn't cuz I didn't have it long enough. It was a model just to test out. I don't own it. But you know, I have a Shark vacuum, I call him Sharkie. So, that's not really creative though. That's really lame. Yeah, yeah. I got to work on that. Call him Bruce. Bruce. Bruce! My chairs name is Bruce. Sharks here. Friends are, fish are friends not food. Let's wrap up with the dumbest story I saw today. Hello Kitty apparently is not a cat. What's up with that? Alright, we need some clarification on this thing that went viral yesterday afternoon. So, there is a, a. A, a story that came out where someone reached out to do I think they're doing some sort of documentary, or some little video feature about Hello Kitty and, and the whole is it Sanrio the whole like Sanrio empire of characters and when they are getting there like, text fact check with the company, they said no, no, no, no, no don't refer to her as a cat,. You know, she, she has friends, she is a girl, you know, and then it became, hello Trudy this is a class according to the company, we can't call her a cat, I think that's something that was lost in translation, I think what they're saying is on second reference... Call it, call,tell a kitty a she, like call a cat like an it or a pet. Just like you wouldn't call Mickey, I mean, Mickey Mouse. You know, it's kind of like this. You know, it's kind of this half humany cartoon character. It's not an animal. So I think that's what they're getting at, it's not an animal and in translation that kind of get lost, but yes, Hello Kitty, is a freaking cat with catty ears and little whiskers and like I think we understand. But look at the picture. I mean, I don't think I've met. I haven't met a lot of. Girls with whiskers I mean I've met a couple but this is not necessary I haven't seen the ears this way either at the same time. And this is even more entertaining it's like why doesn't that little kitty have a mouth? Because she speaks from the heart on behalf of the world. [LAUGH] Really they really said that? [LAUGH] I think, I I think, yea a couple things got lost in translation there. But it is hysterical to like have a freak out. Like nothing that you know is right, all your world is collapsing. Because Hello Kitty is not a cat, and then the [UNKNOWN] is not a frog. [LAUGH] Ok. And we have to go hide under our desk. Now. [LAUGH] It's a good thing you knew about this story cause I had no idea where I was going with this. Oh, it was just so ridiculous, I couldn't help but click on it. That worked. You got worked up about that. Because it's just silly that everyone kind of went on you know to just to take this word as fact when clearly, you know, they were saying don't call her a cat on second reference. She's actually a cat. We can all sleep better now. I'm yeah. ha ha ha. Because she has a pet cat which is like crazy, she's got like a cat, but she is cat and like.>> But Mickey Mouse has Pluto, and he's got Goofy as his buddy and Goofy's obviously a dog, so what's up with that? Yeah theres, theres the [UNKNOWN] there too. Animals shouldn't own animals, is my point. [LAUGH] It's weird and anyway. We've gone all over the place. We've got no calls from the public, other than we got this one minute call that was about the Smithsonian, I think. And it kinda went all over the place so try again next time, whoever you were. Try again later. [LAUGH] Let's see. How can people get ahold of us Ariel, do you have any idea? Yeah, can reach us I'd leave a decent voicemail at 866-404-CNET. I wouldn't go that far. You can leave any voicemail at that number. Okay, any voicemail that's not violent. [LAUGH] We get a lot of those. And you can email us and we're on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter. We've got Twitter and yeah, I guess next week we've got Jeff back. And last time, I didn't know how we ended the show. But first before we even do that. You wanna, you want to promote anything, Bridget? Like your Twitter account,anything? Yeah.>> That's it. [LAUGH] Come, come see me on the Twitters. Yeah. No, also yeah, Cnet Update. Watch it. Every day. Mm-hm. Except weekends. But, and But you can watch it on the weekend. You can watch a repeat on the weekend. That's what you've gotta do. Yeah. [LAUGH] Anyway, Jeff will be back next week. That does it for us. I'm Iyaz Akhtar. Who wants to say what? I'm Bridget Carey. I'm Ariel Nunez. [LAUGH] And we'll see everybody, next time. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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