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Two 3D Systems employees sporting Cube 3D printers showed off what's possible today before the Future of 3D Printing panel at SXSW.

Future of 3D printing is bright, says SXSW panel

During a panel at South by Southwest, several experts in the field discussed what 3D printing means for the future of production and agreed that there's huge potential.


Twitter hack may have targeted elected officials, journalists

Accounts linked to influential media outlets, as well as to key members of the federal government, are among accounts likely hacked last week, according to an analysis.

The non-partisan, non-profit Congressional watchdog site MAPLight.org lists the contributions House members received from supporters and opponents of such bills as the Stop Online Privacy Act.

How to participate in the open-government movement

In his first term, President Obama started to make good on his pledge to improve government transparency. But a truly open government depends on citizens actively ensuring that all public agencies share information and respond to feedback.

This is the MaKey MaKey, a device that can turn anything into a computer interface, on display at the inaugural Hardware Innovation Workshop, held Tuesday and Wednesday at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in Palo Alto, Calif.

The real business of the DIY movement

At the inaugural Hardware Innovation Workshop, about 200 leaders in the DIY movement gather to talk about how to build real companies, while still maintaining a maker ethos.


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Around the San Francisco Bay Area, a vibrant community of "Alpha Geeks" are already living in the future. These people are the thinkers, designers, engineers, and hackers at the center of the maker movement -- the DIY culture focused on the innovation business and a community dedicated to giving more than you take.
Speaking yesterday at the Palo Alto Research Center at the <a href="http://blog.makezine.com/2012/05/13/hardware-innovation-workshop-teaser/">MAKE Hardware Innovation Workshop</a>, Tim O'Reilly addressed a room full these "Alpha Geeks" -- 150 or so big thinkers who are on the leading edge of the DIY maker community.
"Great things begin with people having fun, but they don't end there", O'Reilly said. He sees MAKE's mission as finding these interesting technologies and people who are innovating from the edge, and amplifying their effectiveness, taking their passion and desire to have an impact on the world and enabling a commercial narrative -- making creativity sustainable by making it a viable business.
We're going through a dynamic shift -- the future is here, O'Reilly says, it's just not evenly distributed yet. Silicon Valley started with hardware, and through the community and open-source environment, hardware is again redefining the maker movement, with makers' tech turning into consumer products at incredible speeds.

These 'Alpha Geeks' are already living in the future (photos)

The thinkers, designers, engineers, and hackers at the center of the maker movement are focused on the innovation business. At the MAKE Hardware Innovation Workshop this week, the open-source community shows its dedication to giving back more than you take.

Twitter profile images have long been a place to express a protest message. Thousands are using their images to urge Congress not to pass the Stop Online Piracy Act.

Millions seeing 'Stop SOPA' message on Twitter

A lot of people are fiercely committed to defeating the Stop Online Piracy Act. One way they're expressing their displeasure with the bipartisan bill is adding antilegislation banners to their Twitter profile images.


'Inside Google+' Webcast light on social insights

Hour-long Webcast on Google's social network shares few social data points or analytics.


What happens when Google+ cuts you off?

What happens when Google thinks you're using a pseudonym on Google+? Writer Violet Blue found out firsthand, but CNET looks a little further. No, you won't lose Gmail.


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Google+: About 1 million feedback messages so far

Wondering why Google didn't respond to your thoughtfully written Google+ feedback? Because it's only one among many, many such messages.

Steven Sinofsky

Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky offers look at Windows 8 (live blog)

Microsoft's Windows chief gives a demonstration of the next generation of Windows to the D9 audience of tech movers and shakers.

Planetary, the first iPad app from Bloom, presents users music collections using a galactic metaphor.

Planetary app turns music library into galactic art (Q&A)

45 Minutes on IM: Bloom President Ben Cerveny sits down with CNET to talk about how his new company's approach to data visualization could forever change the way people interact with information.


Inside the mind of Google with Steven Levy

The Wired author talks with CNET's Molly Wood about Google's corporate culture, its database of all your information, and those gigantic piles of money.

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