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The future of Facebook

Kara Tsuboi talks to CNET News Executive Editor Paul Sloan about what products, acquisitions, and challenges the world's largest social-media company will face next year.


Tech flops of 2012

The low points of 2012 that the tech giants would rather you forget.


Spotify launch new features with Metallica's help (pictures)

Spotify unveiled a new look for its service in New York today with the help of an unlikely pairing: Lars Ulrich from Metallica and Napster's Sean Parker.


Metallica joins Spotify, buries the hatchet with Sean Parker

Metallica's Lars Ulrich tried to sue Napster and Parker more than a decade ago at the onset of file sharing. Today the former adversaries joined in praising Spotify.


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Spotify tops 1 million paid U.S. subscribers in one year

CEO Daniel Ek says that the streaming music service has accumulated 5 million paid users worldwide and hit a benchmark that took rival subscription services a decade to reach.


CNET’s Tech Turkeys of 2012 (pictures)

As CNET gives thanks this year, we look back at some of the stories we'd rather forget -- the Tech Turkeys of 2012, a memorable list of gobblers, gaffes, and fibs.


Sean Parker's Airtime weathers early turbulence

Speaking with AllThingsD, Parker discusses some of the hurdles his video chat site has faced since its launch, including executive departures and weak user numbers.


Techies on the Forbes list of 400 richest Americans (pictures)

Executives and founders from Microsoft, Dell, Facebook, and Twitter make the list of the top 400 richest Americans.


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LinkedIn's leaky network security

Business network gets a pair of black eyes, while Flame continues to burn. Also: welcome to IPv6.


Airtime curtails privacy for the sake of safety

For fear of becoming another Chatroulette -- a short-lived video service that showed the world to a generation of flashers -- Airtime tightens its safety policy by taking random secret photos.


How Airtime could end up filling Facebook's coffers

The much-hyped Airtime launched today, with Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning running the show. It's a risky bet -- but if it pays off, it could return big dividends to Facebook.


The 404 1,067: Where tweets look better from behind (podcast)

The CNET Minority Report crew chats about a Chatroulette pivot, Microsoft's SmartGlass controller at E3, and breaking down desirability by e-mail domains on today's 404 show.

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