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Zvents - Discover Things to Do

Find and view local events, movies, restaurants, and venues information online.

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On the Town

Do you know all the events happening right now near you? We believe life is better when you get out. That's why we created On the Town, your free...

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AT&T, Nokia, Navteq fund local-search site Zvents

Three companies with a stake in mobile Internet development invest $24 million in a site that lets people promote and find local events, restaurants, and deals.

By September 30, 2008


Know your neighborhood: Thirteen sites

If you're looking for a restaurant to try out tonight or you just want to find some local events, these sites are perfect for finding offerings in your area.

By March 20, 2009


AOL launches When.com beta for online events

The online events site is a rebranded version of Zvents, but with a family-friendly twist and customized search.

By November 3, 2008


Eventful, Billboard team up to top new charts

Online service specializing in discovering and promoting local events teams up with the music popularity measurer in part to "assist performers in scheduling their tours."

By November 20, 2008


Eventful raises $10 million in Series C round

The event-planning site raises $10 million in Series C funding in the hopes that it will expand internationally and become profitable. Will it work?

By October 15, 2008


Headup finds new connections on Web pages

The Firefox extension gives you the "back story" on people, places, and things you see in your browser, unobtrusively and quickly.

By October 17, 2008


Summertime is JamBase time

Concert season is here, and JamBase is the best way to find and track who's coming to town.

By June 11, 2008


More mashing of Google Maps

New Google Maps feature lets people create customized maps with content from different mashup sites.

By July 10, 2007


Start-ups from Stirr: 30 Boxes, ClickFacts, DevjaVu, ZapTix, SpyMedia, and NetVibes

Start-ups from Stirr: 30 Boxes, ClickFacts, DevjaVu, ZapTix, SpyMedia, and NetVibes

By September 14, 2006