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Zuora lands $15 million for online billing services

Zuora, an online subscription-based billing service, secures $15 million in funding to help it foster growth.

By October 28, 2008


Zuora launches Web 2.0 billing service

It's the right business, but are the customers ready?

By May 20, 2008


Benchmark, Benioff invest $6.5 million in Zuora

Zuora, an online subscription software provider, launches Thursday with new funds from high-flying venture capital company Benchmark and Salesforce.com founder.

By March 13, 2008


Facebook as an enterprise cloud platform?

Zuora is announcing a product to help developers to create subscription services on the social networking site.

By March 2, 2009


If the economy tanks, will subscriptions become a panacea?

Zuora debuts online payment service with PayPal connection, the second product from a start-up focused on the software-as-a-service business.

By October 7, 2008


Webware Radar: Stop automated direct messages in Twitter

Also: ToysRUs has acquired the Toys.com domain name, MSpot has a browser-based ringtone service, and Zuora wants to be subscription-based billing to Facebook.

By March 2, 2009


Benioff redux? Maybe

Start-up Zuora may be onto a big idea, but is it ahead of its time? Then again, people said much the same about Salesforce before it hit pay dirt.

By July 30, 2008


Serial acquisitions vs. serial innovation

Big IT vendors have been gobbling up players of all sizes, but is the future in acquisitions or innovation?

By November 8, 2011


Top 7 Web 2.0 start-ups at Launch Silicon Valley

Another day, another start-up conference. Here are a handful of companies we want to learn more about.

By June 10, 2008


Demo preview: Five launches to watch for

The products we'll be eyeing at Demo 09, from a desktop client for aggregating social network activity to software for corporate crisis management.

By February 27, 2009