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Sonos ZonePlayer ZP100

Sonos ZonePlayer ZP100

By April 11, 2005

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Sonos Digital Music System (ZP100 bundle)

This, the original Sonos Digital Music System, is still a very slick solution for affordably distributing your music throughout your house. But if you already count an amplifier or an A/V receiver as part of your existing music system, the ampless Sonos ZP80 bundle is a better bet.

By February 14, 2005

4 stars Editors' rating February 14, 2005

MSRP: $1,199.00


Sonos: Better in black?

CNET's David Carnoy gets his hands on a custom-painted black Sonos ZonePlayer and ponders whether the company should offer black-colored products to its customers.

By November 13, 2008


Sonos BU150: I can stream clearly now the range is long

Sonos is out with a new music package that some are calling the music lover's dream.

By August 5, 2008


Sonos BU150: I can stream clearly now the range is long

The London Lite is great if you like Amy Winehouse news and paper that's oh-so-soft on the buttocks, but it won't give you news about the new Sonos music system. We will: it looks ace

By August 5, 2008


Sonos BU80-ZP80 bundle

With its ZP80 bundle, Sonos has done what fans of its highly regarded multiroom Digital Music System have requested all along: ditched the built-in amp of the ZP100, added digital audio outputs, and lowered the price.

May 21, 2008


Leak of the day: Sonos ZoneBridge BR100

The repeater should help Sonos owners plug deadspots in their wireless coverage without having to invest in a more expensive ZonePlayer.

By October 9, 2007


Sonos in action

The Sonos home music system is perfect for multigenerational parties.

By July 30, 2007


Hands-on: The Sonos Bundle 130

For the past month, I have been playing with (and enjoying) the Sonos Digital Music System (Bundle 130). Offering a sleek design and a surprisingly useful remote, the Bundle U130 raises the bar for other systems that take your music and transmit tunes th

By June 30, 2007


Sonos Digital Music System to Be Sold at Best Buy

In an announcement that is sure to excite digital home music fans everywhere, Sonos has announced that its Digital Music System will be available at over 450 Best Buy locations.

By June 20, 2007