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Zoobe - record and send animated video messages

Welcome to Zoobe: the future for mobile and social media communication. With Zoobe you can create and share amazing animated video messages. Our...

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Zoobe Eve - animated 3D video greetings with Eve & Adam

Type a message? Send a smiley? No need for that anymore: simply tap either on seductive Eve or smoking hot Adam, add a background picture, record...

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With free adapter kit, Legos can mate with Tinker Toys, Zoob

A free collection of adapters lets you create crazy toy mashups by connecting parts from 10 popular building toys.

By March 21, 2012


Crave 100: The Final Chapter (podcast)

In this final episode of the Crave podcast, we honor our tradition of quality by playing with puppets and celebrating technological novelty in all its many forms.

By March 27, 2012