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Narrative Clip

The Narrative Clip camera attempts to be your always-on wearable way to record photographic memories, but it lacks the flexibility, affordability, and camera quality to meet its promise.

By Mar. 5, 2014

2.5 stars Editor's rating Mar. 5, 2014

MSRP: $279.00


Cuomo promotes rest stops, parking lots as 'texting zones'

New York governor announces an initiative that designates 91 areas along highways as texting zones for phone-addicted drivers.

By Sep. 24, 2013


Software tracks shoppers to find stores' hot zones

Startup Prism Skylabs is taking advantage of security camera footage to create "heatmaps" that show where customers linger in stores. Retailers are eager to get a glimpse through this unique window into customer behavior, but how does the technology protect privacy?

By Mar. 7, 2013


Airtime: Chat with strangers about wolves and time zones

Sean Parker's new video chat service tries to connect random people based on shared interests, despite what seems to be the public's lack of interest in random video chats. Crave's Eric Mack looks for someone to talk to.

By Jun. 5, 2012


Skype calls out to carriers in weak 3G zones

Skype is shopping its mobile app to carriers, especially those in emerging markets.

By Feb. 14, 2011


Comfort zones: Windows vs. Linux

The comfort zone for consumers will determine whether operating systems like Google Chrome prevail over Windows.

By Jul. 12, 2009


3D body scanner can identify your fat zones

A new scanner out of England can not only tell you how obese you are, but exactly where those numerous high-tea buffets have distributed themselves. Ouch.

By Oct. 28, 2010


Analog watch shows 24 time zones--in style

Sure, you can get a Casio digital that shows as many time zones for less than $100, but you lose style points for doing that.

By Oct. 19, 2009


Virtual PC glitch when changing time zones

Virtual PC glitch when changing time zones

By Mar. 26, 1999


Apple Remote Access bug may cause Chooser AppleTalk zones to disappear

Apple Remote Access bug may cause Chooser AppleTalk zones to disappear

By Apr. 17, 1998