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AVG flags ZoneAlarm as malware

A false positive causes some AVG antivirus software users to think they are under attack from a new Trojan horse.

By October 15, 2008


New software

Using the latest software may not be the greatest way to go.

By November 24, 2007


Rivals skirmish with Microsoft over Vista security

Competitors say they should be able replace a Windows feature that tells people about the security status of their PC.

By September 19, 2006


ZoneAlarm glitches hit Eudora, McAfee users

Update to Zone Labs' security software interferes with Eudora e-mail client, McAfee antivirus software. Fix is available.

By June 20, 2006


Squashing the next worm

Another worm, another epidemic. Can companies find ways to halt the spread of self-propagating code?

By August 15, 2003


A secret war

A move by EarthLink toward "spyware" hunting marks just one new front in a bitter war over a dramatically increasing number of programs that sneak onto hard drives.

February 24, 2003


Home PC users wake up to need for firewalls

As threats from worms and online vandals continue to grow, home PC users are slowly realizing that personal firewalls have become a necessity.

By August 28, 2001


Privacy group attacks Windows XP, Passport

A group of privacy organizations renew their attacks on Microsoft's Passport authentication service and Windows XP, asking the FTC to mandate changes the new operating system.

August 15, 2001


Who will win the war of the worms?

You think malicious hackers wouldn't be interested in your lowly PC? Think again.

November 22, 2000


False alarms spark barrage of Akamai complaints

A quirk in common security software is setting off false alarms that have brought at least one content delivery company a steady stream of complaints.

By August 25, 2000