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Japan's ZMP to sell golf cart-size robot car

ZMP's RoboCar gets supersized into RoboCar G, a one-seater vehicle designed for research purposes. The car can drive itself or be driven over short distances.

By February 28, 2010


Humanoid robot to teach software class

Japanese students may soon welcome a 4-foot-tall humanoid robot that has been designed as an educational tool. The bot is based on ZMP's e-nuvo Humanoid platform.

By December 22, 2009


RoboCar package gives students taste of things to come

Scaled-down RoboCar perfect for students, seat-of-the-pants researchers and over-the-top hobbyists.

By August 24, 2009


Photos: Robots at work and play in Japan

Exhibitors at the 2007 International Robot Exhibition show off some of the latest robot offerings.

By November 30, 2007