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Original Game Boy becomes a Web app

Imran Nazar wanted a JavaScript project: write software to emulate Nintendo's classic game console. Today's browsers are up to the challenge.

By November 29, 2010


Google releases programming tools for Android 1.5

With Android 1.5, the open-source mobile phone operating system is gradually maturing, and so are the programming tools central to creating software for it.

By April 27, 2009


Ten irrelevant technology companies

These 10 public technology companies were once important, even exciting. Now they're well on their way to obscurity.

By February 6, 2008


Book of the week: Best book for tech entrepreneurs this year

Steve Blank's "Four Steps to the Epiphany" is worth checking out.

By July 24, 2007


What was your first computer?

On the anniversary of the ENIAC unveiling, we asked industry pros to reminisce about their first computers. Tell us about yours.

February 13, 2006


Sharp's 3D monitors: Look, no glasses

The consumer-electronics giant plans to sell notebooks and flat-screen LCD monitors that let people see 3D images without the use of special glasses or software.

By December 19, 2002


End of era as AMD's Sanders steps aside

When W.J. "Jerry" Sanders steps down as Advanced Micro Devices' CEO later this week, he does so knowing that he accomplished his goal: AMD is a major player in the PC industry.

By April 24, 2002


Intel's accidental revolution

Thirty years after the birth of the microprocessor, billions of the small chips have been built into everything from cars to children's toys.

By November 14, 2001


Your first PC: Ah, memories...

Readers share their earliest PC memories. Responses reveal a passion for the power of the personal computer.

By August 10, 2001


Silicon Valley veteran taps know-how for new projects

After a two-year stint as Cisco's chief technology officer, Judy Estrin is returning to her start-up roots.

November 24, 2000