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New petition calls for OpenGL 4.3 and ZFS in OS X

If you've wanted ZFS and OpenGL 4.3 support in OS X, now may be your chance to request it from Apple.

By February 12, 2013


Mac OS X gets ZFS after all--but not from Apple

Promising better data integrity, start-up Ten's Complement has released a new file system for Macs based on Oracle's ZFS. It's an approach Apple began but dropped.

By February 1, 2012


Jonathan Schwartz: Oracle bungled its chance at mobile Java

Oracle could have innovated with Java instead of litigated, says CareZone co-founder and Sun's former CEO. Also: Why Amazon won at cloud computing, "Intel Inside" was a blip, and the Mac is back.

By July 26, 2012


What Oracle wants from storage

Oracle bought Sun which had previously bought an independent storage company, STK. Oracle's new storage strategy: storage is a feature of the Oracle application.

By July 9, 2011


Update on the Sun/NetApp ZFS patent litigation

Sun releases news on the ZFS patent infringement suit, including prior art and a change of venue.

By December 19, 2007


Sun to countersue NetApp over ZFS, indemnify and protect Apple's Leopard

Sun to protect Apple's Leopard release.

By October 25, 2007


Apple's next 'Leopard' release may be at risk due to NetApp's ZFS lawsuit

NetApp may be taking on more than it bargained for in suing Sun.

By October 7, 2007


Network Appliance sues Sun over ZFS patent infringement - what this means for open source

What does NetApp's lawsuit against Sun for ZFS patent infringement mean for open source? Probably not much.

By September 5, 2007


Apple's Leopard will use ZFS, but not exclusively

Apple confirmed statements by Sun's Jonathan Schwartz that Leopard will use ZFS, correcting an executive who Monday suggested otherwise.

By June 12, 2007


Apple will include ZFS in OS X Leopard, Sun confirms

Sun says that Apple's forthcoming Leopard operating system will use the next-generation file system called ZFS.

By June 6, 2007