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Adobe promises fix for new Hacking Team zero-day exploits

Adobe devs must be working overtime to fix the latest vulnerabilities revealed through the Hacking Team cyberattack.

By July 13, 2015


Attack on RSA used zero-day Flash exploit in Excel

RSA blog details how the security firm was compromised but still does not say what data was stolen.

By April 5, 2011


Security firm: Zero-day Adobe exploit in the wild

Trend Micro says that its spotted a zero-day Reader and Acrobat exploit on the Web, identifying the malware by name.

By September 9, 2010


Zero-day exploit hits Internet Explorer

Researchers report code exploiting an unpatched flaw within Microsoft's Web browser one day after Patch Tuesday. It creates an XML tag, then waits 6 seconds to thwart antivirus engines.

By December 10, 2008


Zero-day exploits attack Yahoo, AOL instant messengers

Code could put millions of IM users at risk to new attacks.

By September 19, 2007


Schannel zero-day exploit released

Original researcher makes public his own exploit code.

By June 12, 2007


Attackers exploit zero-day Windows flaw

Attackers take advantage of vulnerability in Windows animated cursor. Also: Trojan spam dupes users into thinking it's an IE 7 beta.

By March 30, 2007


Sun's Solaris 10 at risk of zero-day exploit

Security bugs in Sun Microsystems' telnet service could allow attackers to gain unauthorized access to a system.

By February 13, 2007


Word hole exploited in zero-day attacks

"Limited attacks" are taking advantage of previously unknown security bug in word-processing program, Microsoft warns.

By December 5, 2006