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Q&A: Zend CEO talks up latest server releases

Zend continues to push PHP into the enterprise. The upcoming product releases are designed to help make Web applications legitimate alternatives to Java, says Andi Gutmans.

By April 7, 2009


Zend targets Java with growing PHP community

Company plans to undermine Java--and Sun--by building up a paying community around the scripting language.

By April 7, 2009


Does cloud computing need LAMP?

An article asking who will first offer a LAMP platform as a service offering raises an even more fundamental question: does cloud computing even need the LAMP stack?

By May 23, 2010


Why is Zend raising more money?

Zend has raised even more money. Is this healthy?

By July 11, 2008


PHP and Perl crashing the enterprise party

Java and .Net used to be the enterprise's primary programming languages, but Perl, Python, and other dynamic languages are hitting the enterprise mainstream.

By February 14, 2010


Rumor: Zend for sale, with IBM a likely buyer?

Zend may well be on the block. But who will be the most likely buyer?

By May 22, 2008


Microsoft-Zend pact bears PHP fruit

Cooperating with open-source Zend, Microsoft starts releasing software to let programmers build better PHP-powered Web sites that use Microsoft software.

By October 9, 2007


Rumor has Oracle circling Red Hat...again

Oracle is reportedly in the market for Red Hat, but the facts suggest otherwise. There is no substance to the rumor.

By March 23, 2009


The Open Source CEO: Harold Goldberg, Zend Technologies (Part 21)

In this 21st installment of the Open Source CEO Series, I talk with Harold Goldberg, CEO of Zend Technologies.

By July 2, 2007


Proprietary buys of open-source firms to flourish?

Open-source software companies are likely to increasingly find themselves in the arms of proprietary software vendors, with the trend starting in earnest in 2009.

By January 20, 2009