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Insane Legend of Zelda cake too good to eat

A master cake artisan has created an incredible cake depicting the Furnix enemy from Skyward Sword.

By October 11, 2012


Biggest Zelda ever coming to Wii U in 2014, report says

Nintendo is working on the most expensive project in company history, a source says, adding that the game will run on a new engine built specifically for the console's tablet controller.

By September 5, 2012


Fistful of Rupees: Zelda done as a live-action Western

The Legend of Zelda straps on some six shooters and emerges as a miniseries Western mash-up on YouTube. Will Link ride off into the sunset? Sort of.

By August 15, 2012


The Legend of Zelda: Fistful of Rupees

What if The Legend of Zelda was a western? That's the premise behind this wonderful mashup short film from The Game Station.

By August 14, 2012


Rare Zelda prototype cartridge for $150,000 on eBay

One of the rarest pieces of Nintendo history is up for sale on eBay. The prototype Legend of Zelda cartridge could rake in big bucks.

By July 31, 2012


Zelda fireplace insert: Legend in your living room

You may not be able to run through the fields of Hyrule, but you can at least drag a little bit of the Zelda universe into your own home with a custom Zelda fireplace insert.

By May 14, 2012


As the franchise turns 26, happy Zelda Day!

The Legend of Zelda hit store shelves on this day in 1986. Will you be celebrating?

By February 21, 2012


Here's what an HD Zelda Wii U game might look and play like

Nintendo came to CES 2012 with the Wii U in hand, but didn't have much new information to share. We were, however, able to piece together what a Zelda Wii U game might look and play like.

By January 12, 2012


Is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword the Wii's last great game?

Is Link's last adventure on the Wii his best yet?

By November 18, 2011


Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS bundle on sale in two weeks

Check out The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time-styled 3DS that'll go on sale at the end of the month. Retro gaming fans, this way.

By November 8, 2011