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Zaarly adds glitz to bolster merchant community

The peer-to-peer business transaction startup showcases its favorite sellers through virtual storefronts.

By September 5, 2012


Zaarly Anywhere takes projects from blogs to reality

New service lets consumers see a project or product on a Web site and then find someone to make them a custom version of it.

By July 17, 2012


Zaarly turns your neighborhood into a bazaar

How many times have you said to yourself: I would pay money for that. That's the idea behind Zaarly, a new errand-based tech startup. Through the Web site or mobile app, you list your request, name the price you're willing to pay, and wait to see who in your community can fulfill it. CNET's Kara Tsuboi put it to the test.

October 27, 2011


Zaarly finally announces funding

Peer-to-peer commerce play raises $14 million from Kleiner and adds Whitman to board.

By October 25, 2011


Zaarly: Not nearly as crazy as it appears

It's not a crowdsourced Kozmo. It is a credible challenger to eBay and Craigslist.

By July 20, 2011


Order a plumber like you would an Uber car with ClubLocal

New home services company lets you order repair people via an app and tracks their ETA to your house.

By June 6, 2013


Concierge economy takes off

Offering convenient and cheaper ways to access tailored services like ordering a private car, renting out a vacation home, or running personal errands, the "concierge economy" rose to a new level in 2012.

By December 11, 2012


Airbnb, Lyft partner with new share-economy advocacy group

A new nonprofit wants to promote and protect peer-to-peer services, but says it won't lobby the government.

By July 31, 2013


Netflix feeling the pain

The father of the iPod creates a cool home thermostat, the Obama campaign joins Tumblr, and Netflix reports its first drop in customers in nearly two years--and it's a doozy.

By October 25, 2011


P2P marketplaces: Reach out and hire someone

New crowd commerce models lower prices, get more people working, and level resource use. But will they work in the long term and on a large scale?

By October 31, 2011