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Samsung Z400 and Z540V: 3G slider and clamshell

The latest addition to the Samsung mobile phone range is the 3G enabled Z400 that features a 2-megapixel camera. There's also the slim, 3G enabled Z540V if you want something to slide in your pocket

By July 24, 2006


HP Slate 500, its first Windows 7 tablet, is squarely aimed at suits

HP officially announces the Slate 500, its first attempt a Windows 7 touchscreen tablet, but it doesn't look as if it will end up as a direct competitor to the iPad.

By October 22, 2010


Hands-on with the HP Slate 500

At long last, an actual HP tablet is being officially released--but it may not be exactly what you'd expect. The HP Slate 500 Tablet PC is a 9-inch Windows 7 slate, aimed at business and industrial users, rather than casual consumers.

By October 21, 2010


Meet the HP Slate 500

According to a data sheet seen by CNET, the HP Slate 500 Tablet PC runs Windows 7, has an 8.9-inch screen, weighs 1.5 pounds, and arrives Monday.

By October 21, 2010


As Intel's Atom gains, Apple still holdout

Chipmaker's Atom is proving to be a very popular chip, but is it too low-rent for Apple?

By April 1, 2009


Intel begins shipping new Atom chip for Netbooks

Chipmaker's new Atom N280 processor, which touts better graphics performance, slips out of the gate a bit sooner than expected.

By February 5, 2009


Nvidia in, Intel out for Apple Mac Mini?

Apple's Mac Mini may adopt Nvidia's GeForce 9400M.

By January 16, 2009


Future Intel Atom chip is a yawner--by design

Chipmaker is preparing to bring out a faster Netbook processor, according to reports, but don't expect the kind of performance improvements common in its mainstream processor line.

By January 14, 2009


Intel Atom N270 processor set for Netbooks

The Atom N270 was overlooked last week at the Intel Developer Forum. Here's where Intel sees it fitting in.

By April 7, 2008


Intel cracks open Atom-based MID

An Intel mobile guy does a superficial teardown of an Atom-processor-based mobile Internet device.

By April 1, 2008