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Z Portal scans whole cars at a time

The Z Portal is essentially a mammoth X-ray machine that can scan whole vehicles at a time.

By October 22, 2008


DHS' X-ray scanners could be cancer risk to border crossers

Homeland Security is deploying X-ray scanners to inspect interior of vehicles crossing the border, according to documents obtained by a privacy group, raising new concerns about cancer and privacy risks.

By January 12, 2012


CES: Verizon readies smart home service for 'nominal' fee

Verizon plans to bring home energy and security service to broadband consumers later this year, which will include a home networking kit and an "affordable" monthly fee.

By January 6, 2011


Keyboard shortcuts in Evernote for Windows

Evernote's desktop client is a keyboard shortcut-lover's dream. Its massive list of shortcuts will let you use Evernote almost entirely with the keyboard.

By August 24, 2012


Kyocera Hydro Elite (Verizon)

Kyocera's Elite will quench Verizon users' thirst for a stylish and reasonably priced water-resistant phone -- just don't expect it to be a powerful speed demon.

September 19, 2013

3.5 stars Editors' rating September 19, 2013

YouTube launches own channels from Madonna, Jay-Z, Shaq

YouTube is launching 100 of its own channels, from the likes of Madonna and Jay-Z, with Hollywood production companies on board.

By October 31, 2011


Zynga takes its first step toward a post-Facebook future

New initiatives, including a standalone gameplay site, give the social gaming company some independence from Facebook. But it's not cutting the cord just yet.

By March 1, 2012


CES: Consumer tech heavies move into smart home

LG, Panasonic, and others bring digital energy equipment for the home to CES to show off connected appliances, home energy management systems, and energy-efficiency gear.

By January 5, 2011


Zuora launches Web 2.0 billing service

It's the right business, but are the customers ready?

By May 20, 2008


HTCSense.com launches with support for Desire HD and Desire Z

HTC is trying to lock in lifetime users with intangible features not offered by your average handset maker.

By October 7, 2010