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Share your screen with Yugma

Yugma is a more general-purpose screen-sharing product. In Yugma, drivers and passengers can trade place at will--you can swap which desktop is in view.

By December 15, 2006


Userplane chat plays nice with social networks

AOL-owned Userplane will now work with any platform that supports Open API.

By November 25, 2008


Glance shares screens, now with remote access for Macs

Share your screen with Macs and PCs using Glance.

By January 15, 2008


ShowDocument does simple live collaboration

Share and collaborate on documents of all types in real-time with ShowDocument, a free Flash-based tool that's easy to use.

By October 20, 2008


Yuuguu's Web collaboration tool moves to Flash

Web collaboration tool Yuuguu now only requires software for the person leading the meeting, letting others participate sans software.

By September 17, 2008


Microsoft prepares screen-sharing tool for consumers

What's this...another screen-sharing collaboration tool from Microsoft?

By March 29, 2007


Zoho adds Web meeting tool to online office suite

Zoho has yet another Web based app, this time it's for Net meetings. If you're keeping track, this is Zoho's sixth office app.

By March 22, 2007


Cisco buys WebEx for the land; the product is a tear-down

At $3.2 billion, the WebEx remote meeting software is overpriced. But the customer base and revenues make the deal pretty sweet.

By March 15, 2007


CNET Live: Episode 97

It's CNET Live's 2-year-anniversary and we celebrate by taking your calls. And with whiskey.

By April 9, 2009


Live whiteboard collaboration with Scriblink

Collaborate live with five other people using Scriblink

By September 10, 2007