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Off with their heads: Yahoo issues list of nixed projects

A dozen projects -- including blast from the past Alta Vista -- are getting tossed aside as the company says it needs to make choices to create "beautiful products that are essential" to users.

By June 28, 2013


Yahoo axes more products to 'sharpen focus'

Yahoo Avatars, app for BlackBerry, and Message Boards are among the products going away in April, says Jay Rossiter, head of Yahoo's platforms.

By March 1, 2013


Find out more about online friends with Identify

A new experimental Firefox extension lets you get more information about your online friends by cross-referencing their name with Google's Social Graph API.

By April 21, 2009


Yahoo to expose its wiring to developers next week

A key part of the company's effort to socially overhaul its Web properties arrives next week as developers get access to Yahoo Open Strategy technology.

By October 24, 2008