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Could newspapers have survived the Web?

Much has been written lately about the failure of newspapers to adapt to the Web, but was there anything they could do?

By November 26, 2008


Yahoo makes offer for HotJobs

The Web portal's acquisition offer marks a substantial premium above the job site's recent market value. But TMP Worldwide has a competing bid on the table.

By December 12, 2001


Yahoo to buy Yoyodyne

The portal giant says it has moved to acquire the Net-based interactive direct marketer for about $29.6 million in stock.

By October 12, 1998


Spam filters may feed Web marketing

Some popular free Web services are playing both sides of the fence, offering to block junk e-mail while they help advertisers push promotions into customers' in-boxes.

By January 25, 2001


AltaVista taps email marketing

The Compaq-owned portal takes a step in what antispammers consider the right direction by launching an opt-in direct marketing service.

By November 4, 1998


Microsoft acquires LinkExchange

The world's largest software company announces plans to buy LinkExchange to expand small business services on its MSN Internet portal.

By November 5, 1998


Visa pushing for Net shopping

After watching warily from the sidelines, the credit card giant is trying to convince consumers that using their Visa cards to shop on the Internet is safe.

October 28, 1998


Merger mania strikes the Net

A push for market share and stock market scares are driving the merger craze, as all manner of online firms join forces.

October 12, 1998


CNET NEWS.COM DISPATCH: Monday, October 12, 1998

TODAY'S TOP STORIES - Apple: Back in black - Compaq intros $699 PC - Net tax act in question

By October 12, 1998


Short Take: American Express mall to offer $100,000 sweepstakes

American Express is using an online sweepstakes with a $100,000 top prize to try to gain online customers. American Express, along with Yoyodyne Entertainment, is launching a new mall, offering Netizens a chance at a $100,000 shopping spree. The contest will run October 15 through January 31. The companies hope people will be lured to the mall, which will have more than 140 online merchants, and then stay and shop.

October 7, 1997