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Yota Ruby

The makers of the wacky e-ink Yota Phone turn their attention to the humble hot spot.

May 21, 2013

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The YotaPhone's second screen is an interesting concept and one I'm quite keen on. Both the E Ink screen and the rest of the phone need serious refinement, however.

January 17, 2014

2.5 stars Editors' rating January 17, 2014

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The new YotaPhone for 2014 is sleeker, faster, and an all-round more impressive e-ink Android combo

Redisigned for 2014, the new YotaPhone showcased at MWC is one part slim and seductive Android superphone and the other a striking example of how an e-ink display makes perfect sense in future mobile devices.

By February 24, 2014


What the second YotaPhone has in store (pictures)

Ready for the next version of that quirky smartphone with Android on one side and e-ink on the other? So are we.

6 Images By February 23, 2014


The YotaPhone for 2014 gets sleeker, sharper e-ink display (pictures)

We took the new and improved YotaPhone prototype handset for a test drive at MWC 2014. It's slimmer, faster, and boasts a bigger and crisper e-ink screen that has us stoked about this uncanny device's potential.

13 Images By February 23, 2014


Yota's unique LTE hotspot

Interesting design elements ensure this isn't your ordinary hotspot.

By May 28, 2013


The YotaPhone: An Android smartphone with an e-ink second display

The YotaPhone is an Android smartphone with an e-ink second display slapped on its back. Check out our video review to see what this bizarre concept is about.

By January 21, 2014


Check out the dual-screen, E Ink Android YotaPhone (pictures)

The YotaPhone is an Android phone that packs two screens -- one regular LCD, one E Ink.

20 Images By January 17, 2014



January 17, 2014


e-ink YotaPhone hits Europe, but no US launch planned yet

Yota's new smartphone packs a standard LCD and an e-ink screen that's easier on the eyes.

By December 3, 2013