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Monosyllabic Yo app gets more talkative for the holidays

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Yo users will hear a festive ho ho ho when receiving a message from their Yo contacts.

By December 17, 2014


OK Go take off with a drone and electric unicycles in latest stunning one-take video

The intricately choreographed and dizzyingly ambitious one-take video for "I Won't Let You Down" doesn't let us down.

By October 27, 2014


Disney balances irregular objects for a perfect spin

Disney Research has developed an algorithm that allows them to perfectly balance irregular objects and to turn them into spinning tops.

By August 11, 2014


The million-dollar app that exists to say "Yo"

A new messaging app has just one message -- "Yo" -- but its potential reaches far beyond that one simple word.

By June 19, 2014


Microsoft invokes '90s nostalgia to tell you IE isn't '90s anymore

In a new ad, Microsoft tugs at the heartstrings of those who used to have illuminated sneakers and actually liked them.

By January 24, 2013


Yahoo Music opening pages to YouTube, others

On Tuesday, Yahoo plans to launch a revamped version of its Artist Pages that can incorporate content from iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, and others.

By April 6, 2009


Microhoo: What might have been

CNET News' Stephen Shankland explores an alternate history: what would the world look like today if Jerry Yang had accepted Steve Ballmer's offer to acquire Yahoo?

By January 30, 2009


An open letter to Carol Bartz on rebuilding Yahoo

Yahoo's got a lot of potential. Even though you told us all to shut up while you decide your priorities, here's some advice anyway.

By January 14, 2009


Yahoo's choices: Go it alone or cut a deal

The Internet pioneer can take the slow road of building its own business or try a major transaction for a quick fix. Here's a look at some of its options.

By November 5, 2008


Yahoo and Google race to rebuild sites, lure coders

Swarmed by start-ups, Yahoo is trying to steer its battleship in a more social direction, while Google is trying to expand beyond its search core.

By October 28, 2008