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YoGen acts like a yo-yo to generate power for phones (podcast)

Easy Energy's Allison Morrison discusses a handheld device that generates emergency power for cell phones and iPods.

By January 11, 2010


Build muscle, charge your phone with YoGen

Easy Energy will launch the YoGen at CES 2010, a mobile charger that solely relies on hand power. The pocket-size charger lets you generates energy by repeatedly pulling a ripcord.

By December 4, 2009


Internet co-creator Vint Cerf welcomes IPv6 elbow room (Q&A)

Google's Internet evangelist, responsible for the address shortage on today's Internet, is anxious for IPv6 improvements. Also: his views on U.N. regulation, censorship, bandwidth caps, and .google.

By June 5, 2012


CES 2010: Charge of the wireless brigade

CES 2010 saw a broad range of products in one particular category that take many of the headaches out of your everyday life. The humble charger is having a makeover

By January 13, 2010