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Comcast pushes VoIP to prime time

The leading U.S. cable company introduces Digital Voice in three markets, with the rest of the nation to come within 18 months.

By January 10, 2005


Year in review: Chipmakers a study in contrasts

Intel suffered series of missteps, while AMD turned in solid performance yielding a string of profits and market share gains.

December 19, 2004


Year in Review: X marks the spot

What is it about the letter X? Stealing a page from the marketing playbook of the big automakers, Microsoft and Apple released ruggedized versions of their operating systems.

By December 28, 2001


Year in review: Fabulous flameouts

Fueled by news of war and continued economic malaise, the dot-com disaster that struck in 2000 continued to topple big companies this year. How did it get so bad, and when will it end?

By December 27, 2001


Year in review: Round and round

Sinking fortunes, plummeting stock prices and waning demand for technology products pushed many technology CEOs out the door this year.

By December 31, 2001


Year in review: Who are you?

Microsoft, Sun and AOL Time Warner fight to control online wallet and authentication software. The winner will have a hand in nearly every transaction conducted online.

By December 28, 2001


Year in review: Nothing comes cheap

Shifting winds in the Internet economy sent the online ad market into a tailspin. New formats and flashier ideas tried to bring it back on course. Meanwhile, subscriptions replaced free offerings on countless Web sites.

By December 30, 2001


Year in review: A merger mess

One of the biggest mergers in technology history is on unstable ground, as shareholders balk and family ties weigh heavy. Here's how the deal was done--and how it may eventually come apart.

By December 24, 2001


Year in review: Skinny tells all

Despite News.com gossip columnist Skinny DuBaud's single-minded focus on rumors, lies and innuendo, the Rumor Mill had an uncanny knack in 2001 for getting the facts.

By December 28, 2001


Year in review: Not surviving but thriving

Even with one arm tied behind its back, Microsoft proved once again that it never backs down from a fight.

By December 23, 2001