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Dogs yawn more often when owners yawn

Fido might be yawning because he needs a nap, or he might just be showing his empathy, study suggests.

By Aug. 7, 2013


Yawn-activated coffee machine caffeinates sleepy travelers

A cup of joe is just a yawn away when you're standing in front of a coffee machine with facial-recognition software.

By Jul. 19, 2013


Zuckerberg on the evening news: Yawn

You'd be kidding yourself if you expected Facebook's quiet CEO Mark Zuckerberg to drop serious bombs in his interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer. But, hey, people watched it anyway.

By Jul. 21, 2010


Facebook username land grab: Yawn

Guess what? The servers stayed up and nothing exploded when Facebook's vanity URL program went live tonight.

By Jun. 12, 2009


Sony tries the Walkman again (yawn)

The former kind of portable music tries to hang on

By Oct. 12, 2006


YouTube Awards are a major yawn

The Google-owned video-sharing site announces 2007's accolades. But awards really aren't a great fit for YouTube, which is more about the viral buzz than the quality of the content.

By Mar. 21, 2008


Wii mower takes the yawn out of lawn mowing

Scientists in Denmark develop a lawn mower controlled by a Wii remote. It is already causing uncontrolled joy among municipal workers.

By Apr. 7, 2009


Yahoo undecided on Microsoft offer (yawn)

Is Microsoft's acquisition of Yahoo even news at this point?

By Feb. 6, 2008


HP gives Suse Linux a try (yawn)

Computing has moved beyond the desktop, so why should we care that Novell's Suse Linux will be preinstalled on a range of HP computers?

By Dec. 11, 2008


Psystar adds Blu-ray, Mac users yawn

Psystar doesn't agree with Apple CEO Steve Jobs that Blu-ray is "a bag of hurt," but decision to offer Blu-ray drives on Mac OS Open Computers doesn't accomplish much.

By Oct. 28, 2008