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Yarr! : The Pirate Music Game

Yarrrrrrr! Ahoy me hearties! Say hello to the cutest and most talented Pirate crew of all the seas! The Yarr Pirate Crew! Never before have you...


YarrRPN Reverse Polish Notation Calculator

YarrRPN is a clean, elegant, easy-to-use and powerful RPN calculator for your iPhone or iPod. Hold it upright and it displays everyday functions....

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Beat This

Stop the mass-debate and prove to your friends that youve got the moves. Its the hard and fast paced game that that everyone can enjoy. Whether...

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Puzzle Pirates comes to iPad

Nearly 10 years after its launch, swashbuckling puzzle-based MMOG Puzzle Pirates has released a version of its game for iPad. Yarr!

By June 20, 2013