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Yahoo 'very sorry' for lengthy email outage

Yahoo has apologised for an outage to its Yahoo Mail service that has lasted since Tuesday morning UK time.

By December 12, 2013


'Hardware problem' causes partial outage for Yahoo Mail

The e-mail service hits day two of its partial outage, and the company promises to restore access by 3 p.m. PT.

By December 11, 2013


Yahoo Mail redesign plagued with bugs

After its most recent redesign to look more like Gmail, Yahoo Mail users are parading a seemingly endless line of problems, including that it doesn't even send email.

By October 15, 2013


Yahoo Mail suffers disruption, outage

Yahoo's e-mail service appears to be down for some people, with many taking to Twitter to voice their complaints. The company says service has returned.

By February 7, 2012


Yahoo Mail suffers outage; users react

Mail service was down for many, and affected users took to Twitter to complain. Yahoo now says all's well again, after acknowledging problems for "some users in certain locations."

By August 3, 2011


Yahoo Mail down, and users cry foul

The company acknowledges that its service, used by more than 250 million, isn't working for many of them.

By April 28, 2011


Yahoo Mail outages plague some users

Outages were reported Monday morning on the most widely used Web e-mail system in the world, although the breadth of the problem is unclear.

By October 26, 2009


Yahoo Mail gets in-box filtering by contact

Yahoo Mail has a sorting feature in the works that lets users see only messages from people they've white-listed in their contacts list.

By June 3, 2009


Yahoo opens Yahoo Mail APIs, invites mash-ups

Yahoo is opening up the APIs to its Yahoo Mail service, letting outsiders build applications using its mail service

By March 28, 2007


The two sides of Bill Gates

By December 19, 2005